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Summer Wishlist

With a change in the seasons comes a change in our wardrobes. Personally, my summer wardrobe switches from pastel and light colors from spring to bright and bold Lilly prints for the summer.

I do my fair share of online shopping and stumble across pieces that I would love to have in my closet and that I think would be so fun for summer. While I do find a decent bit of fun, statement pieces, I also like to look for classic pieces that I know will still be in style for summers to come.

I don't have the budget to afford everything on my wishlist (hence why it's called a wishlist) but a girl can dream right? I think part of the fun is just shopping around online and looking at all the cute summer pieces! I've put together a wishlist of 12 items that I would love to add to my closet this summer for you to shop around and maybe find something you need in your closet too!

What's on your wishlist this summer?


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  1. The Soludos are so adorable. This is making me want a pair.