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On Finding Happiness during a Period of Unknowns

The world around us right now is a blur of unknowns, questions, concerns (& lots of hand sanitizer) but amidst all this craziness I've realized something about myself: I'm genuinely happy. 

I can only hope that this post doesn't come off as being insensitive because I'm right there with everyone else in that I'm scared of what's happening and have a constant fear of the unknown, but these past few weeks have given me clarity about a lot of things and helped me realize what makes me genuinely happy.

Question & Answer

It's been a hot minute since I've posted on here (thank you junior year) so I asked y'all what you wanted to know about me & compiled all your questions into one big Q&A post. I've always loved writing these types of posts because it's fun for me to get to answer your questions and it allows you to get to know me a little bit better.

Six Years

Six years ago today I was a 14-year-old freshman in high school home on a snow day, absolutely bored of my mind and desperately looking for something to keep me busy.

I never imagined that the blog I created as a boredom buster would have grown into what it is today.

Looking Back: First Semester Junior Year

I posted on my Instagram story on January 1st and asked what type of content everyone was interested in reading on the blog this month and was overwhelmed at the amount of "college" and "personal life" responses I received. Since I have a little over a week until I head back to South Carolina for the second semester of my junior year, it only seems fitting to recap the first semester. Get ready for a photo overload, fall semester is always crazy busy and I've got ALL the photos to document it.

2020 Goals

Happy New Year! I hope that you all had a safe & enjoyable New Years Eve as well as New Years day. The last couple of years I've sat down on January 1st and created a list of goals that I have for myself for that coming year. I use the term goals because I like the idea of having an ending spot or target that I want to reach rather than resolutions, meaning things that need to be changed. 

Some of my goals are pretty simple & are repeats from previous years but I'm excited about the six things I came up with for this coming year.