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Charleston Recap

As I'm sure you're well aware of by now, last week I was down in South Carolina and one of my days was spent in Charleston. I've talked briefly about my time in Charleston but since we did do a lot of stuff in the 18 hours we were in the city, I wanted to talked about it all in one post.

We were in Charleston from Tuesday afternoon until about Wednesday around 11am. My college orientation ran from Monday morning at 9am to Tuesday afternoon at about 2:30pm so mom and I finally hit the road to Charleston around 3pm on Tuesday. We arrived at our hotel little before 5pm which was super nice because we still had most of the evening and night to explore the town. We'd been to Charleston several times before but most times it's either raining cats and dogs or it's just to overnight on our way to vacation destinations.


As mentioned above, my college orientation ran from Monday morning to Tuesday afternoon but as soon as orientation was over Mama Prepster and I left Columbia and drove over to Charleston which is just under a two hour drive. 

Once we arrived in Charleston we checked into our hotel which was located on a marina and had a dock around the back of the hotel so we immediately headed out there to take pictures of the outfit I wore on my second day of orientation which you can read more about in this post.

After we finished up taking picture for an outfit post, we grabbed our bags from the car and headed up to our room. The hotel upgraded us to a room that had a view of the marina and I definitely could get used to working with that view! I caught up on emails, worked on a few things for the blog and had a small snack and my favorite lemonade while we just relaxed and tried to find a place to grab dinner.

We couldn't decide on a place to go so we ended up just changing into a little bit nicer clothes and then getting in the car and driving down to King Street. We parked on King Street and walked around in hopes of stumbling upon a restaurant to grab dinner at and to shop around at a few stores, too. Unfortunately, most stores close on King Street fairly early and since it was 7pm when we were down there, we didn't get to shop around. We walked around looking for a restaurant but after a while of wandering around and finding no place that sounded good to grab dinner, we got back in the car and found a restaurant just outside of the city which was located on the water which was SUPER nice because we got to watch the sunset which was so relaxing after the past two days I'd had.

After dinner we stopped at a Harris Teeter to grab a pint of ice cream and then headed back to the hotel. Once back at the hotel I took a shower and then spent the rest of the night eating ice cream and blogging in bed which is something that I could definitely start doing more often!

from this post

 W E D N E S D A Y

Wednesday morning mom and I woke up around 7am (still pretty early for me) and headed back in the city to grab breakfast at Callie's Hot Little Biscuit! I'm sure you're already aware but my sweet dogs name is Callie so we felt it was only fitting to stop by and grab some breakfast. We also picked up an adorable coffee mug and t-shirt. I got 3 biscuits from Callie's, the original buttermilk, the cinnamon sugar, and the bacon one and LOVED them all! Mom and I also both got sweet teas which were equally as good and the little cups they come in are adorable and very Instagram-worthy.

We then walked around King Street (the opposite end of what we had walked around the night before) and we also walked through part of College of Charleston. I almost toured CofC last summer but we ended up deciding against it since Charleston was getting hit with really bad storms the day we were planning to tour the campus.

Since it was only 8:15am, none of the stores were open and I was a little bummed out but thankfully we came across a Starbucks so I popped inside and grabbed myself an iced coffee before we hopped back in the car. We tried to get to the Pineapple Fountain that a lot of people take pictures by when they're in Charleston but sadly we couldn't find anywhere to park so we just headed back to the hotel.

Once back at the hotel we changed into nicer clothes and got ready for the day since we had only thrown on some workout clothes when we headed out for breakfast earlier that morning. We then checked out of our hotel but before jumping on the road to Kiawah we shot one more outfit back on the dock that was connected to our hotel. It was so nice to stay at a hotel located on a marina and it was even nicer to have a view of the marina from our hotel room, seriously though, I could get used to working with that view outside my window!

Have you ever been to Charleston? If so, what's your favorite thing to do/see?


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