Friday, October 5, 2018

College Outfits: Student Teacher Observations & Classes

Happy Friday! Just wanted to pop by and share some of my outfits from this past week or so. If you're following me on  Instagram then you've likely seen my Instagram stories every morning sharing my outfit of the day. I've gotten such a positive response from sharing my daily outfits and although I do tag where everything is from in my stories, I wanted to share a whole post with links to purchase the items I'm wearing or similar items. 

Usually, I just wear an oversized sorority t-shirt with running shorts and tennis shoes to class but now that I've started my student observations in local elementary and middle schools, I've been getting to wear "real clothes" so I'm excited to be sharing them with you! Shooting outfit photos aren't exactly the easiest thing to do while at school so I'm excited to have this as a way to keep the fashion aspect of my blog up to date. 

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Updated College Skin Care Routine

I don't know if I can speak on behalf of other college students but I know that after I made the transition into being a full-time college student, my skin care routine changed quite drastically. It's not to say that I got lazy about my routine because that's not true. If anything, I'm more serious about my skin care routine. 

When I say that my skin care routine changed, I mean in the products that I use. I've struggled with acne since middle school so sticking to a routine is something that has become part of my daily routines. Every morning when I wake up, I get out of bed and go straight to the bathroom to wash my face and apply moisturizer. Then, every night before I jump in the shower, I make sure to remove all of my makeup and wash my face again. 

I've never been one to use super expensive products on my skin and don't consider the products I use to be high end. Currently, all of the products I'm using are Neutrogena products (this post is not sponsored, just really love the brand) adn can be found at drugstores. Skin care is something that is important to me as a college student because I always feel more confident in myself when my skin is clear and if I'm being real, there's a lot of events that go on in my life and I don't like seeing acne all over my face in photos. 

It's no secret that college can be stressful and if you're anything like me, your skin likely flares up during stressful weeks of the semester. I've been able to minimize my breakouts and control them when they happen because I stick to a set routine every morning and night. 

F A C E  W A S H
The face wash I'm currently using & loving is the  Neutrogena Hydro Boost Exfoliating Cleanser. I love this face wash because it does have a bit of texture to it so it gently exfoliates my skin and helps to get excess dirt and makeup up. It's gentle enough that I can use it both morning and evening without irritation and it's helped control the oil on my face as I have natually oily skin. 

I've been using the  Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream for over a year now and I've loved it from day one. As I mentioned above, I have naturally very oily skin but this product does a nice job of mattifying my face while also helping to keep my skin look and feel moisturized throughout the day. It isn't a heavy lotion and I've never felt like it was clogging my pores, an issue I've had with previous products. This lotion is a little pricey for my college budget ($20) but it lasts me SO LONG. It's definitely worth the investment in my opinion.

M A K E U P  R E M O V E R  W I P E S
I've been using  Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes since middle school and haven't had any issues with them so they've been my preferred brand of choice for almost 10 years now. Tip: if you're a Costco member you can usually find a bulk package for a good price or you can get a big box of them off of Amazon for a good deal, too. 

To all college students out there, what college budget friendly skin care products do you use?


Monday, October 1, 2018

Hello October

Happy October 1st, friends! It's (in my opinion) officially ~spooky season~ and I'm very excited about it. Fall is my favorite season and I'm jumping at any chance I get to wear fall outfits. It's still in the upper 80's here in South Carolina but luckily, now I'm starting to spend more of my days in local schools student observing which is nice because I have an excuse to dress up in fun fall outfits.

When I was home two weeks ago for an unexpected vacation due to Hurricane Florence, my mom and I shot photos of this outfit which I'm slightly in love with (it's all over my instagram, I promise I wear other clothes). I've included links to my outfit at the end of this post, including the gold star choker necklace which is less than $5!

Happy October!


Friday, September 28, 2018

Oh Hey There

Hi friends. It’s me. I’m back and very happy about it. It’s been such a crazy last couple of months with summer wrapping up, moving back to Columbia for my sophomore year, sorority recruitment and classes starting that I really haven’t had time to sit down and fill everyone in on how I’m doing.

Since I last talked with y’all a lot has happened. Highs and lows, good moments and not so good moments, so many new friends and new memories and I’m excited to be able to recap the last few months of my life for y’all in today’s post. 

For the sake of organization and structure, I’ve broken down my updates into categories: summer, recruitment, sorority, classes, blogging & life in general. 


Summer 2018 was definitely one for the books. It was so nice to be back in Ohio for three months and get to spend some much needed time with my family and my best friends from high school. Surprisingly, I didn’t travel at all the summer which I was ok with because I do a lot of traveling here at school (perks of being two hours from Charleston, Savannah, Greenville & Charlotte). 

I worked this summer at a program put on by my city called Safety Town, which teaches incoming Kindergartners and 1st graders the importance of various safety concepts such as fire safety, stranger danger, bike safety and so on. I worked as a classroom assistant which is basically like a student teacher. Being an Elementary Education major, I loved this job as it allowed me to be in a classroom environment with students and since this was a summer program, I got to work with them on concepts that aren’t typically part of normal classroom curriculums. The staff that I worked alongside are some of the sweetest and most caring individuals I’ve ever met and I loved being around people who shared the same passion for teaching children as I do. I still keep in touch with a couple of my co-workers and it makes my heart so incredibly happy. 

Other uneventful happenings that occurred this summer include that I got contacts! I don’t know if y’all knew this but I have horrible vision and have worn glasses since my freshman year of high school. I wasn’t a huge fan of them so I always took them off in pictures which is why y’all rarely saw photos of me wearing them here on NP. I admittedly was terrified of contacts and the thought of touching my eyes everyday kind of creeped me out but my mom was somehow able to convince me to go to the eye doctor and try them and the rest is history. Not sure if that was relevant enough to share here on the blog but decided to share since it was a monumental moment for me this summer. RIP the days of not being able to wear cute sunglasses because of needing to wear my prescription ones :) 

The rest of the summer consisted of lots of babysitting, ridiculous amounts of iced coffee consumed and nights spent with my best friends from high school. Although I was sad to leave home, I was so excited to come back to Carolina and see all of my sweet college pals. 


Here at Carolina, our sorority recruitment takes place prior to classes starting. I know when I went through recruitment last year, I liked that we did it before the semester began because it gave me the chance to meet so many girls and make so many friends right off the bat after moving into college. 

I moved back to Carolina on August 6th which was 10 days before Round 1 Day 1 of recruitment. We have Spirit Week where each day we dress up as different themes and we practice and make sure everything is fine-tuned and ready go for when we finally get to welcome the PNM’s into our home! Round 1 is Go Greek, Round 2 is Philanthropy, Round 3 is Sisterhood, Round 4 is Preference and then Bid Day! This year my chapter’s (I’m a Delta Zeta for those that don’t know!) Bid Day theme was “Lucky You, Lucky Me, Lucky to be a Dee Zee” which I loved as we got to get decked out in green & gold with fun rainbow accessories. I’ll include some photos from recruitment & bid day below!


I’m living in my sorority house this year and it’s honestly one of the best decisions I’ve made since being a member of this chapter! Living in the house with 35 other members of my chapter means that there’s always someone who’s willing to go to Dunkin’ for iced coffee and there’s always someone down to watch How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days with me even though I’ve seen that movie countless times. I’ve grown so close to so many girls in the house that I didn’t know very well last year and have even found the girls I’m going to be leasing an apartment with next year, too!

I think I mentioned this in a post a couple months back but I’m currently serving on my chapter’s New Member Team which means that I work alongside 11 other sisters to help our New Member Class get acclimated to life in Delta Zeta and make sure that they have a smooth transition into Greek Life and answer any questions they may have. 

Also exciting news, I find out who is going to be my little tonight! I’ll be receiving a phone call sometime this evening with the name of my little & I’m SO excited to start crafting for her. Reveal is October 12th so stay tuned for a post on what I gave as my gifts & photos from the reveal. 


This semester I’m taking 5 classes (4 in-person, 1 online) and they’re going really well so far! I’m finally taking classes that are related to my major which means that I’m starting to go out into local Elementary & Middle Schools for student observations and y’all I am GEEKED. I’ve known that I wanted to be a teacher since I was in third grade so the fact that I’m finally starting my fieldwork and that I’m less than 3 years away from having my own classroom makes me so happy (I wish y’all could see the big smile on my face as I’m typing this). 


I’m finally hoping to get into a weekly routine of blogging, fingers crossed. I’ve been more active on Instagram lately so here’s to hoping I can be more active online too. There are only 19 days until I go home for Fall Break and I’m planning to shoot a lot of new content for y’all then so get excited!


In a nutshell, my life overall lately has been great. This is probably going to get deep but just roll with me here. I’ve never seen myself as happy as I am right now. I came into my sophomore year wanting to step more outside of my comfort zone, wanting to say yes to more spontaneous adventures and just overall not be so hard on myself. I can confidently say that I’ve found my solid group of friends here at Carolina and having them has made a world of difference. 

Yes, I’ve had some hard days. I still deal with homesickness. I still get stressed out very easily. I’m growing apart from some people, I’ve been sick, I’ve had a mental and emotional breakdown, but having found my people, it makes going through all these things SO much easier. My life isn’t perfect and I’m not trying to make it that way, I’ve just shifted my mindset to roll with the punches and appreciate the little things and it’s made such a difference and I’m loving the person I’m becoming because of it. 

Happy Friday friends, thanks for reading about my life update. Here's to being back to blogging!


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Little Things That Make Me Happy + My Favorite App

I'd consider myself to be a geniunely happy person. I like to spend most of my time smiling and laughing and I try not to take myself too seriously. Yes, I do have days when I've got myself down but for the most part, I like to be happy.

I was reading a book the other day and it asked the question, "what makes you happy?"

This got me thinking about all the little things that make my happy and put smiles on my face. I'm definitely the type of person who enjoys the littest things in life, it really doesn't take much to make me smile. If you've ever wanted to get to know me a little bit better, here's a handful of things that make me happy.

Early mornings, because I like being awake before the rest of the world. Fresh fruit & big, elaborate breakfasts. Iced coffee and local coffee shops. Getting dressed up but also lazy days where I don't change out of my pajamas. Trader Joe's Cookie Butter and Trader Joe's fresh flowers and carefully arranging them in vases. Opening my blinds each morning to let in the natural sunlight. The sound of little kids laughing and receiving handwritten notes in the mail. Christmas lights, because I think it makes everything a little bit more magical. Summer nights, when it's 8pm and still outside and I'm driving around, windows down, blasting old songs and singing my heart of with my friends. Watching my creamer mix with my coffee. Storms with heavy rain and loud thunder and lightning so bright that for a split second, it looks like daytime. The feeling of a plane speeding the runway right before takeoff. Golden hour. Laying on the kitchen floor with my dog. Making Spotify playlists. Ballcaps with messy ponytails. And so many more things.

There's a lot of things that can easily turn my mood around and one of my favorite ways to remember the little things that made me smile is by using the app HappyFeed. No, this post isn't sponsored, I just really love this app and wanted to share it with you.

The way this app works is like this: you can set a notification for a certain time every day and you'll be prompted to write down three things that made you happy that day or three things you're grateful for. You can upload pictures to remember special memories, too. After you've been using the app for one, two, three weeks and longer, you'll be able to go back and view your memories from previous weeks. My favorite time of the night is when I write down what made me smile that day and then going back and seeing what made me happy last week and previous weeks.

By recording what made me smile and what I'm grateful for each day, I'm creating an ongoing list of things that make me happy, so on days when I'm not quite feeling myself, looking back on previous memories can always put the smile right back on my face. Even if it's something as simple as getting iced coffee or seeing a friend, it's such a fun way to record my memories.

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, June 11, 2018

How I Edit My Instagram Pictures (YouTube Video)

Hi friends, happy Monday! I'm super excited to be sharing a new YouTube video with you guys today! I asked on my Instagram story a couple of weeks ago if you all would prefer me to share my editing routine in the form of a blog post or in a video, the video option won by a landslide and I finally found time to sit down and film the video yesterday afternoon. You can click HERE to watch the video!

I had so much fun filming & editing this video and hopefully will be sharing some more videos over on my YouTube channel. If there's any video in specific you'd be interested in seeing let me know!

Happy Monday!


Monday, May 28, 2018

A Morning at the Peony Farm

Happy Monday, friends! This past Saturday was the peony season opener at Red Twig Farms, which is about a 30 minutes drive from my house. My mom had mentioned this farm to me when I was down in South Carolina at school and I had been patiently waiting until we could head over to New Albany and pick some peonies. 

Red Twig Farms exceeded all expectations I had, the farm store was so cute and the peonies are beautiful! Mama Prepster tagged along, of course, and snapped some fun photos from our morning spent at the peony farm. 


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Tips for Traveling Alone

Traveling is something that I love to do but up until I started college 8 hours away from home, I had never traveled by myself. I know it might seem odd to be nervous about traveling alone especially as a 19-year college student, but as someone who doesn't fly often, this was a whole new experience for me. I lucked out a bit as the first time I flew without my parents I was with my roommate who had experience traveling alone so she was able to give me tips and answer any questions I had (which there were lots) so that definitely eased my nerves when it came time for me to travel entirely by myself.

I traveled by myself for the first time when I flew home for Thanksgiving Break last November. I had booked a 5:00am flight out of the Columbia airport which was nice as it got me home to Ohio before 9am but it was also a bit stressful as I had to wake up at 3:30am and find someone to give me a ride to the airport because I didn't have my car on campus and there were understandably no Uber's running at 3:30am. Long story short, I made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare, seriously, I don't know why I thought I needed to be there so early. There was no one at the airport at 3:45am and it's only a 15-minute drive from campus but it's better to be early, especially when it's your first time traveling alone.

I've since flown alone 3 times as well as taking weekend road trips so I've come to develop a list of my tips for when you're traveling alone, whether it be flying, driving or checking into hotels, I'm here to share my experiences and tips on how to make your travels as easy as possible.

Early is Better Than Late
I'm notorious for showing up at the airport several hours before my flights begins boarding. While I don't need to get there three hours before boarding, it's much better to be early and have time to sit down and relax than having to run after you get through security to your gate. It's also nice to be there early in case of a gate change so you can be where you're supposed to be when it comes time to board.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask Someone for Help
This is something that I was hesitant to do when I traveled alone for the first time but I just had to remind myself that the airport staff was there to help me. Whether it's asking which direction your gate is or simply for a gate-check bag tag, don't be afraid to ask for assistance because you'll feel better instead of sitting there wondering "what if?" the whole time.

Bring a Portable Charger & Make Sure It's Charged
When I was flying back to Columbia after Christmas break, I had just boarded my connecting flight in Washington, D.C. when my phone alerted me that I only had 5% battery left. I had brought a portable charger with me but when I turned it on, I realized I had forgotten to charge it. It turns out the charger had permanently died so my mom ordered me this one off of Amazon and it's fantastic! I can get at least 5 full charges out of this thing! Especially now that most boarding passes and GPS systems are on our phones, it's important to make sure you have a charged phone at all times while you're traveling.

Have Confirmation E-Mails On Hand & Ready
My roommate and I traveled over Easter Weekend and we stayed overnight in a hotel since we didn't want to spend most of our day in the car traveling to and from Columbia. Checking into hotels is a simple process and the employees there will ask you for the information they need but I would suggest you have your reservation confirmation handy just in case anything were to happen.

Research Your Destination Prior to Arriving
When traveling to a new city, I would recommend doing a simple search and looking to see some of the things your destination has just so that when you arrive, you have a general idea of what you would like to do. You can choose to research more or less depending on your travel style, it just comes down to whether you like having a list of everything you want to do and see or if you like to just explore and see what you discover.

Have a General Game Plan
When my roommate and I went to Savannah, we had a general idea of what we wanted to see and do but we had no idea where to start. You can save a decent amount of time by having a general idea of where you'd like to go first so you don't sit there and bounce ideas around.

What tips do you have for traveling alone?


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