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Pink Colony in Harbour Town

One things for sure: I love Lilly & nautical background. I purchased this Lilly shift dress in Pink Colony from Belk while in Hilton Head. It was love at first sight and it having been on sale, I simply couldn't pass it up! Later in the week my mom & I ventured down to Harbour Town for the sole purpose of taking photos for the blog. I am so, so happy with how these photos turned out & I hope you enjoy looking through them! Enjoy!

My mom is getting really good at taking actual, 100% candid photos and I couldn't be happier because I'm a sucker for a good candid.

Another candid :)

vineyard vines & Lilly Pulitzer in one photo, oh my goodness!

I loved how the dress stood out against the water so we had to venture down to the small beach to shoot the majority of the outfit photos.


Lilly on the Cove (Collab)

I am super excited to finally get to launch the collab that Grayce & I have planned for our readers! Grayce, who runs the blog Glam by Grayce, & I have very similar styles which is why we decided we would share how we style our favorite pair of Lilly Pulitzer shorts. Make sure you check out Grayce's post to see how she styled her shorts (you won't be disappointed!). 

For my look I styled my favorite pair of Lilly shorts which happen to be an older print that isn't being made anymore. If you're a long time reader of Northern Prepster then you've probably picked up on my style: fairly simple. I like to keep things simple while still making then more then a t-shirt and shorts. Since the day I took these photos was so hot (110 degrees, no joke) I opted for a simple tank top with some basic lace detailing at the bottom. I kept my accessories minimal and stuck to the gold color with my gold sandals, gold-framed aviators & my go-to gold watch. Enjoy!

shorts (no longer sold) // top (similar) // watch (similar) // sunglasses // sandals (similar) 

Click here to see how Grayce styled her Lilly shorts!


Nautical on the Docks

Hello from Hilton Head! I feel as though I haven't shared an outfit post in forever, oops. I'm super excited to be on vacation because vacation means lots of fun outfits which means lots of blog posts! I know I always love seeing what my blogger friends wear on vacation & I hope you do, too! Not to mention the cute backgrounds you find on vacation ;)

Tonight we ate a late dinner as we had to pick up my dad from the airport since he just flew down this evening. We decided on eating at Up The Creek, a small pub that sits on Broad Creek. While I do love the food there, I mostly wanted to go so I could take photos on the docks since I had a relatively nautical outfit on tonight. The sun was setting while we took these photos & sadly I didn't get any with the sun setting over the water but I did managed to take some photos that I am really happy with. 

As for my outfit (the point of this post) I wore a simple oxford shirt dress (H&M), red & white seersucker Jack Rogers and accessorized with some of my favorite nautical jewelry. Enjoy!

ring•forever 21 (old)       bracelet•palmetto moon

How pretty is this?! I love the low country.


Fashion Finds {H&M}

I have a serious problem when it comes to spending my money, especially on anything navy. I think a lot of bloggers have that problem. We have to frequently post outfit pictures and nobody likes to see repeated items over & over again.

I paid a visit to my local H&M yesterday just to look around and see if anything jumped out at me. I was on the look for basic shirts that could be styled with chinos in the summer and jeans & boots in the fall. While I didn't have much look finding basic, versatile tops, I did find a lot of navy items. I ended up purchasing this top as well as a few one-shoulder bikini tops as they were only $4! Upon returning home I went online & find a few other items that fit into the dark blue/navy color scheme that I've linked below as well as given you a photo of each item.

I purchased the boat-neck top as I fell in love with the gold buttons on the shoulders and the sleeves. I think this will be so cute with white jeans and a pair of Jacks in the fall. The chambray dress is too cute, I purchased a shirt dress similar to this one. The striped shorts gave off a nautical vibe and would be perfect for a day on the water. The scalloped bikini is actually black but it was too cute not to include. (I mean, come on, it's scalloped!).

What color do you find yourself constantly buying?

Don't Forget... {Packing Guide}

Packing can be stressful. The weather at your destination can be questionable, the trip may require formal attire, & you never want to be the one to over pack (although I'm very guilty of that myself). In my 16 years I've taken quite a few trips and know how stressful packing can be. But nothing is more stressful and frustrating than arriving at your destination and realizing you forgot something (also guilty of that, too). In the past few trips I've taken, I've seemed to be forgetting the same items. I've created a list of my most commonly forgotten items when packing in hopes that it will remind you of items to remember to pack, too. While this list is more tailored to warmer climates, most of the items apply to the majority of trips.


I can not tell you how many times I've forgotten to pack a simple, plain tube of chapstick. While I always have a handful of lipsticks & lip tints, I never have a normal, clear chapstick. Especially if you're going to be out in the sun, chapstick with SPF is definitely an essential.


If you're going to be out in the sun, chances are you might get sunburnt. In that case, aloe is a huge lifesaver. Even if you do forget to pack a bottle of aloe, the local grocery or pharmacy should have some but I've found that groceries & pharmacies on islands tend to sell them for a tad higher price. Not a big deal but if you're looking to save a few quarters, save yourself the hassle & don't forget to pack some aloe.


Pretty self-explanatory. Like I mentioned above, groceries and pharmacies on islands tend to sell this for a tad higher price.


This may not apply to everyone's personal style but I always like to pack a belt in case a pair of shorts are a little too big or a dress is too boxy and needs to be belted at the waist.


This might seem like a weird item to forget but I've forgotten to pack sunglasses way too many times so I figured I would add them to the list.

|swim suit|

You're probably thinking, "how does someone forget a swimsuit when they're going somewhere warm?" Well, it happens & trying to find a swimsuit that fits & isn't ridiculously expensive can be quite the challenge when you're in desperate need of one.

|hair brush|

When you're packing your toiletry bag, don't forget your hair brush. Even though it is a relatively large item, it's still easily forgotten.

|phone charger|

The last thing you want is to need to charge your phone & have forgotten your charging cord & odds are not many people will be willing to share theirs.


For me, personally, when I'm packing I get so caught up in packing my cutest outfits for dinner & my brightly colored bikinis that I sometimes forget to pack pajamas. Trust me, nobody wants to sleep in chinos & a linen top!

|rain jacket|

No matter where you're going, I would suggest packing a rain coat. While the forecast may appear to be clear, you never know when an afternoon or evening pop-up storm will roll through. Better to be safe then sorry.

|cheap, rubber flip flops|

Nobody wants to have to wear their nice sandals (aka Jacks) to the pool or beach and risk them getting stolen, water logged, or potentially ruined. Save yourself the heartbreak and pack a cheap pair of rubber flip flops. Old Navy has tons of colors for $2 a pair, that way if they get stolen or broken, you won't be out a ton of money.
What do you always forget to pack?




June Recap: Let's Catch Up!

I can't believe it's already July & summer is already halfway gone. June seems like it flew by. From lots of golf tournaments to weekend trips to blogging milestones, June was a great month. Today I'll looking back on my most popular Instagram photos & talking about what's going on with Northern Prepster & what's on my radar!


 Family friends of ours saw this while on their vacation & sent it to me, it was too cute not to post & it quickly became my most liked photo.
Don't you just love how bright this photo is?! My moms new phone case, my new blog planning journal, and our Lilly necklace made for the perfect photo to help brighten up a rainy day.

Northern Prepster: Behind the Scenes


Oh my goodness, I never thought I would be able to say this, I reached 1,000 followers on Instagram! I am beyond thrilled (& a tad shocked) that over 1,000 people, bloggers, & companies enjoy my photos and have decided to follow along as I share snaps of my life. I really can't say it enough, THANK YOU to everyone who is supporting me! It's amazing to see how much my blog & myself have grown over the year since I created this blog & the Instagram. I have nothing more to say but THANK YOU!

What's on my Radar

My family & I are getting ready for our vacation next week & I could not be more excited. I am ready to get away and relax before gearing up for golf try-outs next month. As always, you can follow me on all my social medias to keep up with me on my trip. My VSCOgrid is updated daily while on trips so if you'd like to see photos that don't always make it onto Instagram, make you sure you follow me there!






The Greenbrier: Day 3 Recap

Not only was Sunday June 21st National Wear Your Lilly Day, but it was also our last day at The Greenbrier. I hope you enjoy these photos I snapped in the few hours we had left at The Greenbrier.
We ate breakfast at Draper's & the mini pancakes were delicious.

How CUTE is this place?!

What flavor would you pick?

The signature Lilly Pulitzer + Greenbrier scarves.

Top: J.Crew
Shorts: Lilly + Target
Necklace: Charming Charlie's

Waving goodbye to a wonderful weekend filled with lots of laughs & memories!