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Kiawah Island Recap

I'm sure you're well aware of this by now but I went on a little road trip with Mama Prepster last week to South Carolina and one of the places we visited was Kiawah Island! We have family friends that moved down to Kiawah about two years ago so we spent a night at their house and were in Kiawah for just around 18 hours. 

Even though our time on the island was brief, we managed to cram a lot of things into those 18 hours so today I'm going to be recapping my time in Kiawah for you to read about!


The drive to Kiawah from Charleston (read my Charleston Recap here!) was super easy but we did stop at a TJ Maxx to shop around quickly and then we grabbed Chick-fil-a for lunch and ate that in the car as we continued our drive to Kiawah. 

Once we arrived in Kiawah we chatting with the family we were staying with and watched their dog, Hart, swim in the pool in their backyard. We then took Hart for a quick walk around the neighborhood and a couple holes of the golf course that they live on to help him dry off from his afternoon swim. Once back at the house, mom and I quickly changed and we headed over to The Ocean Course where we ate dinner on the back patio at a restaurant called The Ryder Cup which overlooks the ocean and the 18th green. The Ocean Course will be hosting the 2021 PGA Championship so I was freaking out! For dinner I had the salmon Caesar salad and for such a simple dish, it was so good! The view of the golf course and the ocean only made it better!

After dinner we headed back home where I changed, again, but this time into some workout wear and we took Hart on another longer walk around a bit more of the golf course. I took a couple of golf clubs and golf balls from their garage and played a couple of the holes that they walked around. Surprisingly, I actually hit the ball pretty well and it made me miss playing golf as often as I used to. 

After we got home from walking Hart we watched some HGTV and I had a bowl of ice cream while we sat and talked and caught up since it had been two years since we'd last seen each other. At about 10:30pm Mom and I headed upstairs to our rooms to get ready for bed and while Mom went to sleep pretty much as soon as we got up there, I stayed up until about midnight watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix and working on Thursday's blog post.


Thursday morning I was up early around 7:15am and I quickly put on some running shorts, a t-shirt and my tennis shoes and then we headed out to take Hart on his morning walk. We walked around the golf course again and this walk ended up being just about 2.3 miles! It's safe to say that I did a lot of walking this past week. 

After we got back from Hart's walk, we ate breakfast and then Mom and I headed up to our rooms and bathrooms to shower and get ready. We ended up leaving their house around 11am and before we left Kiawah we stopped at FreshFields which was the cutest shopping complex where we stopped in the Lilly store and then before we hopped back in the car we went to this super cute coffee shop called Java Java where I had the best iced mocha latte I've ever had. 

Even though our time in Kiawah was brief, the 18ish hours we spent on the island were enough to make me want to come back and spend a longer time there! My blogger & real life best friend Katie from Chic in Carolina visits just about every summer with her family so maybe I'll start tagging along with them!

Have you ever been to Kiawah?


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