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Ralph Lauren & Monograms

One of my favorite things about Spring time is getting to finally wear all my shorts & dresses. I'm not one to wear super formal or fancy dresses but rather casual, comfy dresses like this polo dress from Ralph Lauren. I love hot bright this dress is and not to mention how comfortable it is! I paired it with my favorite monogrammed tote from Moscato & Monograms, a pair of aviator sunglasses and my go-to arm candy right now; a gold watch, a pink bangle & this pearl ring! 

Are you a fan of dresses for the spring time?


Friday Favorites

I'd like to give a big Thank You to junior year for being one of the main reasons I've been MIA for several weeks now. I hate to not have posts going up consistently but as I told myself when I began my blog, school will always come first. I never believed people when they would tell me "junior year is the hardest year" but man oh man now that I'm a 4th quarter junior with ACT's, AP tests & the college search on my mind, things have been a bit hectic to say the least.

But thanks to delayed starts due to underclassmen testings these past 2 days I finally have a moment to sit down and get back in the blogging mindset. This past week has been crazy. From taking the ACT last Saturday, to lots and lots of golf prep & tons of tests & projects it's safe to say I'm ready for the weekend.

On my agenda this weekend is golf practice tomorrow & then hopefully getting caught back up on blogging. As for Sunday, I'm hoping to keep it very simple and need to tidy up my room & organize my bathroom cabinets. Exciting, no? Now on to my favorites this past week.

 |Lilly Shorts|
With the weather (finally) warming up, it's almost time for me to break out my Lilly shorts again! I'm so ready to wear these fun prints to school rather than jeans!

 |Lemon Water|
I'm hoping to have a post up all about lemon water next week but recently I've been loving adding 2 slices of lemons to my water. It adds a subtle citrus taste & I find that when my water has a flavor to it, I drink more of it!

My sweet friend Audrey gifted me this Southern Proper as a birthday gift back in January and ever since it's been my go-to ballcap. I love throwing it on to run errands & especially when I'm golfing!

What were your favorites from this past week?