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Social Media - Numbers Don't Define You

Yesterday morning I sat down in church and eagerly awaited for the service to begin, excited to hear the message that the guest pastor would be delivering. The topic of yesterday's service: addictions.

I'm sure most of you, like myself, immediately thought of addictions such as alcohol or drugs, and Pastor Kyle also acknowledged this. He also explained that addictions may not be visible to us at first and we may be oblivious to one that most people are affected by: social media.

As a social media influencer and blogger, a lot of my work (correction: most of my work) for Northern Prepster involves social media platforms. In the world of blogging and influencers, we base a lot of what we do off of our social media analytics, we gauge what our audience likes to see by the number of likes and comments we receive.

While sitting in church yesterday morning I found myself wondering how many times I check to see how many new followers or likes I've gained each day. I'm glad I don't know this number because odds are, I would probably be disgusted by it.