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Chaos in the Kitchen

I'll be the first to admit I'm not the next Martha Stewart and neither are my friends {S/O to Anne & Rachel}

Ohio's rainy weather has held us inside for the past few days and we finally got tired of our phones & Netflix so naturally we decided to something completely out of our range of talents. After browsing Pinterest for a while we came across a recipe for strawberry chocolate chip cake.

Here's the link to the website with the recipe, click here

Here's what the cake is supposed to look like,
Click here to see the pin on Pinterest

And here's what our cake looked like...

Safe to say we failed at this Pinterest pin attempt. 

Hope this brought a little happiness to your day
Stay Classy!
~Northern Prepster~

Meet Northern Prepster

After having a blog for 6 months I've decided it's finally time to "reveal" who exactly I {Northern Prepster} am. Some of y'all may already know me, some may not. Without farther ado, let's meet Northern Prepster!

Chillin' with my main man Brutus
 So I guess I should formally introduce myself. I'm Riley Carpenter and I'm Northern Prepster. Born & raised in Ohio {Go Bucks!} and soon to be sophomore in high school.
Teeing off earlier this evening
 I'm on my high school golf team and I enjoy going out to our golf club and playing as many holes as my dad and I can get in before dark.
Classic Riley & Dad selfie
 My family consisted of my mom, dad {http://www.carpscorner.net} and my younger brother, Ryan
The South brings out the happiness in me
 Living in the north it's only on occasion that I get to visit the south. When in the south I'm usually in Sanibel Island, Florida or Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.
Harbor Town, HHI
 I'm pretty easy-going {I think} and I love taking pictures and browsing pinterest.
 Even my dog, Callie, likes Vineyard Vines
Jack Rogers make for a happy girl

 I'd live at the beach if I could, but sadly I live in Ohio where one day it's sunny and 75 and the next it's -10 and snowing

Forever & Always a Golden Bear

We really are the same person, I swear

Did I mention I'm fantastic at mini-golf? {I made this putt by the way}
 Stay tuned for more posts to come, who knows maybe my friends will be featured in a baking/cooking post soon? ;)
Stay Classy!

~Northern Prepster~
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Father's Day Outfit Ideas

Father's Day is only 2 days so hopefully this post help you pick out a perfect outfit whether you're going to Brunch or just chilling and watching the U.S. Open all day with dad. Unless you're me and you'll be spending all day at your younger brothers baseball games :)

Outfit #1: Casual
This outfit is a pretty accurate representation of what I'll be sporting on Sunday. This outfit incorporates running shorts, spirit jersey, nike tennis shoes, and chacos

Outfit #2: Semi-Casual

This outfit idea incorporates J.Crew chino shorts, a muscle tank from J.Crew, target sandals, Ray Bans, & and monogram necklace

Outfit #3: Fancy

This outfit incorporates a Lilly Pulitzer shift dress, Tory Burch sandals, and a monogram necklace.

Stay Classy!
~Northern Prepster~

DIY Summer Garland

Supplies Needed:
~Glue Stick  
~ Scissors    
~Punch {optional}
~Colored Paper {I used 2 colors but you can use however many you desire}

Step 1. Cut your string to you're desired length
Step 2. Pick your paper. I ended up only needed 1 sheet of each color but your quantity will depend on your garland length and your paper size. I picked a peachy color and light yellow because I liked the contrast between the two and these are my two colors for the summer right now.
Step 3. Trace your bunting/garland shape. I went with the triangular shapes just because it fit my room well.
I was able to fit 8 total triangles on one piece which is exactly the amount I needed. {I had a total of 16 triangles, 8 peach 8 yellow}
Step 4. Cut out your shapes.. Pretty self explanatory :)
Step 5. If you're doing more than one color go ahead and trace the other colors. If you're lazy like I am you can use the remaining paper from the other color to use a stencil
Step 6. Again just cut out your shapes
Step 7. This step is optional but I like adding an extra color contrast to my garland. For this you're going to take an punch you desire and punch out the design from both colors. You should have enough of each color to fit the opposite color of the punch
Step 8. After you've punched out your design just go ahead and mix-n-match your colors and glue them on
Step 9. Go ahead and mount your shapes onto your string and voilĂ ! This is such a simple DIY and I'll make different bunting for each season and holidays.

I hope y'all enjoyed this little DIY, I know the picture quality isn't the best because I took the photos on my iPhone because I'm saving up for a high quality camera. As always, leave your comments and requests below.

Stay Classy!
     ~Northern Prepster~


I'm sure most of you have heard of the online bulletin board-like website, Pinterest. I finally got around to making an account for the blog and I hope y'all will consider following! Who knows, maybe you'll see sneak peeks for upcoming posts ;)

The username is northprepster, click on the username to be directed to my pinterest account!

Stay Classy!

~Northern Prepster~

Summer Swimsuit Round-Up 2014

Summer Swimsuit Round-Up 2014

Who doesn't love swimsuit shopping? I know it can be a hassle trying to find the cutest swimsuit and getting the most bang for the buck so I've gathered up a few of my favorite swimsuits.
Click on the links below to shop these swimsuits!
White Paisley Bikini- Calypso St. Barth
White Floral Bikini- Delias
Navy Anchor Bikini- The Hut
Baby Blue Seersucker Bikini- J.Crew
Pink Ruffle Seersucker Bikini- American Eagle
Navy Seersucker Bikini Top- Dorothy Perkins
Yellow Seersucker Bikini Bottoms- River Island
In case anyone was wondering, I do NOT own any of these swimsuits so I do not know how anything fits and I've never ordered from some of these sites so I'm unaware of the sites quality but I assume these would be high enough quality to last the summer :)
Stay Classy!
~Northern Prepster~

Summer Morning Routine 2014

Summer Morning Routine 2014

Most mornings I wake up around 9:30-10:00AM unless I'm up early for golf or baseball. The first thing I do when I wake up is make my bed because I've found that making my bed helps me be more productive during the day because I'm already up and doing something minutes after waking up.
After I make my bed I'll head to my bathroom and pull my hair up into a messy top-knot before I use my Cetaphil DermaControl Foam Wash to wash my face and following my face wash I'll moisturize my face with my Cetaphil Oil Control moisturizer.
Then I'll head downstairs to the kitchen and I'll make myself a cup of Café Escapes Mocha which is basically just a really weak version of coffee which, if you're not a coffee drinker like me but you still need something to get you moving is perfect. A typical breakfast ranges from granola bars to toasted bagels with peanut butter but right now I've been loving these chocolate filled croissants from Giant Eagle. They are fantastic and, not gonna lie, they're what got me out of bed this morning :) While I'm eating I'll check my Instagram, Twitter and all that jazz.
After I'm done eating I'll put my dishes in the dishwasher and head back upstairs and put my hair into a side braid while I do my makeup. This summer I've made a promise to use as little heat as possible on my hair in hopes that it'll grow longer and healthier after being straightened every day during the school year.  90% of the time I shower at night so my hair is usually damp when I go to sleep which results in a wavy look when I wake up and the braid just helps re-define the waves.
As for makeup, I've been trying to wear as little makeup as possible since it is summer and the heat usually causes the makeup to get oily and I hate having an oily face. If I'm just going to be working around the house I won't apply any makeup but if I'm heading out shopping or to hang with friends I'll apply a little concealer and a pressed powder just to keep my face looking fresh.
Following my makeup I'll head back into my room and decide on an outfit for the day. Most days you'll find me in running shorts and a t-shirt but other days I'll be found in some chino shorts from either J. Crew or Old Navy and a nice blouse or a button up if it's on the chilly side.
After this my day is pretty unpredictable but I figured I'd show y'all the constant routine in hopes that maybe it will inspire you to enjoy your mornings a little more.
As always, Stay Classy!
~Northern Prepster~

The Summer of Songs

Summer is finally here {thank goodness} and to celebrate today I've rounded up my favorite songs into one blog post for y'all in hopes that you'll be able to add some of these songs to your summer playlists. As always leave your post requests and comments below and without farther delay, let's get into it.

1. Oblivion ~The Indians

this song is in fact from The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack and I absolutely love this song, no farther explanation is needed. click here to listen to the song :) 
2. Let Me In ~Grouplove

once again this song is from The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack and I like this song because it's really easy to dance to and it's just an overall upbeat and happy song. click here to watch the music video :)
3. Best Shot ~Birdy {Bonus Track}

shocker, shocker this is once again from The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack. click here to listen to the song :)
4. All I Want ~Kodaline

The Fault in Our Stars... again. click here to listen :)
5. Skinny Love ~Birdy

I adore Birdy, her voice is wonderful and I absolutely adore this song. click here to listen :)

Stay Classy :)

~Northern Prepster~