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What I Learned From Watching Gilmore Girls

Y'all, it's no secret that I LOVE Gilmore Girls. I started watching the show back in October and am close to finishing it up here soon. The show was suggested to me from one of my best friends (thanks Em!) and after the first few episodes I wasn't sure if I really wanted to dedicate time to watch all 7 seasons. I was told that the first few episodes aren't the best but after you are exposed to all the characters it gets better. I decided to give it a try and 7 seasons later I like to consider myself an honorary Gilmore Girl :)

Gilmore Girls focuses on the Gilmore Girls, Lorelai and her daughter Rory. Lorelai had Rory when she was 16 and raised her as a single mother, Rory's father, Christopher is still around but doesn't play a big role in the early years of Rory's life. Lorelai & Rory live in a small town in Connecticut called Stars Hollow. Stars Hollow is your stereotypical small town where everybody knows everybody and news travels fast. I'm not going to explain the show in depth (if you want to know more I highly recommend you watch it!)

After dedicating just about four months to watching Gilmore Girls, I realized that during the time I've spent watching, I learned a lot. So today I'm going to be sharing with y'all everything I've learned from watching Gilmore Girls. Even if you don't watch the show, this still applies and you don't need to know the context of the show to understand the things I learned.

family is forever... Even though Lorelai doesn't always get along with her parents and Christopher wasn't always around in Rory's life, family is forever and they're always going to be there for you. They're going to be there to help you through the worst of times and they're going to be there to celebrate with you in the best of times.

you can move past things... No matter if you're fighting with a friend, sibling, or parent, whatever you're caught up on you will eventually be able to move past. There's a decent bit of time when Lorelai and Rory aren't on the best terms but they move past it because they realized that being angry about something isn't worth losing the relationship you have with someone.

all you need is your best friend... Whatever happens in life is always easier when you have your best friend by your side. Lorelai has Sookie and Rory has Lane and whenever something would happen, they would turn to their best friends to cheer them up and guide them in the right direction. Very few people know you better than your best friend and it's really special to have someone that you trust that much.

whatever you do, be all in... Whatever you set your heart to, make sure you give 100%. Lorelai and Sookie decide to open their own Inn about halfway through the show and you can tell that they are all in with their efforts to make it the best it can be. If you elect to do something, you should always, always, always give your all and be all in.

coffee is a true gift... It's no secret that the Gilmore Girls love coffee! Ever since I began watching the show I found myself drinking more coffee, haha. Coffee to the Gilmore Girls is a daily essential and life can't go on without it.

live in the moment... I get so caught up in worrying about what's on my agenda for tomorrow that I forget to take in what's happening around me. If you choose to live in the moment you'll enjoy more experiences and make more memories. As I slowly begin to finish out senior year and wrap up high school (wow, still doesn't sound real) I really want to live in the moment and take everything in.

it's ok to cry... Life is anything but perfect and it is totally ok to cry every once in a while. I know I've had my fair share of tears shed whether it be a bad grade or the stress of the college search, sometimes you just have to let it all out.

you're never too old to hang out with your mom (or dad)... The biggest thing I learned from watching Gilmore Girls is that you are never too old to hang out with your mom. Lorelai and Rory have such a close relationship and I think that's what kept me watching the show. My mom shoots 90% of the outfits featured here on Northern Prepster and while she might not always enjoy heading out in 20ยบ temps to shoot with me, and she might not like how picky I am about photos, I really enjoy that time that we spend together. So Mom, assuming you're reading this, thanks for hanging out with me all the time, so much love for you.

Did y'all watch Gilmore Girls?