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Instagram Editing Routine: Fall Theme

When it comes to blogging, social media plays a crucial part. Not only does it allow you to spread the word about your blog but it also allows you to connect with other bloggers with similar interests. For the sake of my blog, Twitter and Instagram are my two go-to social media platforms, however, Instagram is my #1 used platform. I post daily on my account and truly enjoy taking & editing all the photos.  I've shared how I edit my photos in the past and received such a positive response that I'm going to be sharing my update fall editing routine!

The app I am using to edit my photos currently is VSCOcam. If you're a long-time reader of my blog you've heard my go on and on about how much I love this app. I'm not going to lie though, it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out how to actually edit photos on this app. It took a few blogging buddies to explain it to me but I am so glad I learned how because this app is my go-to when I have to edit a photo. All my current photos have gone through the exact routine listed in the image above.

What's your go-to editing app?

Perfectly Polished for Fall

While I'll admit my nails aren't always painted, I do still love nail polish and changing up the colors with the seasons. While my go-to color is always pink, I'm really into the neutral tones for this season. Like most girls, I have my go-to nail polish brand: Essie. I don't know if I'm drawn to the cute bottle & simple packaging or the endless variety of colors but Essie is always my go-to brand!
I have quite the collection of red and gold nail polishes that are perfect for the cold weather seasons but I'm also really loving a few more from Essie! 
What's your go-to fall nail polish?

September & October Recaps: Let's Catch Up!

Wow, okay so I pretty much failed as a blogger this past month. I had maybe 2 posts go up & completely neglected to write my September recap post. Oops. Aside from that, today I'm sharing my September & October recaps!


Wow, okay September was a while ago but here's a few snaps from that month:

The Taylor Swift concert I attended this month was an absolute blast! I got to go with three of my good friends & we had a blast dancing and singing the night away!

September had several Saturday morning crafting sessions but I'm not complaining because it made for really cute pictures!

I also got the opportunity to work with Moscato & Monograms and am ever so appreciative that they reached out to me and asked to work together!
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Here's a few of my favorite Instagram posts from this past month!

How was your October?