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My Favorite Shows to Watch on Netflix

My family got Netflix a little over a year ago and I can definitely say that we get our use out of our account. I probably use it the most often, what else is a second semester senior supposed to do? I find myself watching TV series more often then movies and have a select few that are my go-to's and or series that I have finished but still enjoy watching from time to time.

Gossip Girl... I finished Gossip Girl back in the fall but still occasionally will re-watch some of my favorite episodes!

Gilmore Girls... I'm currently watching Gilmore Girls (I wrote all about Gilmore Girls here!) and it is hands down my favorite TV series to date. I'm almost done with season 7 and am so excited to watch the revival!

Hart of Dixie... My mom would occasionally watch Hart of Dixie and I fell in love with the southern charm of the show! I haven't watched this for a couple months now but I'm think that once I finish Gilmore Girls I switch back to this. 

Touch... My dad and I watched Touch when it was on TV and I really enjoyed the show! The whole concept of the number theories and patterns is super interesting to me which is why I enjoy watching an episode every once in a while. 

The Office... My dad watched The Office and loved it and my younger brother watched it and loved it. I've seen the first two seasons and episodes from other seasons as we frequently watch episodes during my IB psychology class. It's fun to watch episodes in class and then apply what we've learned to the content of the episode!

What are your favorite shows to watch on Netflix?



  1. Gilmore Girls is definitely my all time favorite, but How I Met Your Mother is really good too!

    Ashley // MyWellDressedLife.com

  2. Love Gossip Girl! You definitely need to check out One Tree Hill!