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Hoppy Easter!

Hey Y'all!
Well for starters, Happy Easter! And in honor of Easter today I decided to give y'all a quick little OOTD post. I hope y'all have a very happy Easter and enjoy your (hopefully) nice weather.

So I like to keep in simple and classy for Easter so typically I'll go for a simple dress and sandals.

My coral dress is from TJ Maxx, my sandals are from Enzo Angiolini, my basic white cardigan is from a brand called Peck & Peck, & my earrings are just some pearls that I stole from my mom :)

Here's a similar dress to mine, both are from TJ Maxx.
Alright I know this post isn't the best but I just wanted to get something up since I haven't posted in a while. As always, leave me your post requests and comments in the comment section below! Until next time...

Stay Preppy!
~Northern Prepster~