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Tuesday Thoughts vol. 1

I love words and can spend hours scrolling through quotes on Pinterest at night. I'm notorious for pinning quotes that relate to my current life situations and the types of quotes I pin are strongly influenced by my mood, which my friends can attest to. I love words because they have the ability to tell stories, inspire, and impact our lives. 

I'm starting a new series here on Northern Prepster called 'Tuesday Thoughts' where I'll share a quote that has impacted me recently and share some hopefully wise words related to it.

Home is More than a Four-Letter Word

Home & Ohio both have four letters? Coincidence? I don't think so. 

Choosing to support Clothe Ohio when they reached out to me was an easy decision because not only does it give me the chance to represent my home state, but for every item sold, Clothe Ohio donates an item to an Ohioan in need. Not only do you get a new shirt or hat, but someone else does, too.

Rosie the Flower Truck

Meet Rosie. 

Rosie is the adorable organic flower truck that I had the pleasure of meeting last Sunday morning. I was sitting at brunch with my mom when I looked out the window and saw this adorable little truck pulling up right outside the building we were in. I was enjoying the yummiest brunch at the time and didn't think I could be happier, but it turns out I was wrong. 

Apartment Bedroom Inspiration

I've always been extremely interested in interior design and grew up looking forward to the first time I'll get to decorate my first apartment. Luckily, this upcoming school year, I will be moving into an apartment of my own! I am a rising junior in college and am SO excited to finally have my own room and bathroom to get to decorate however I please.

Brunch at the Brekkie Shack

It's no secret around here that I adore brunch. No matter if it's Sunday brunch or an impromptu Wednesday brunch, I will never turn down a chance to grab a bite to eat. I'm not a big breakfast gal and I'm equally not a huge lunch fan but if you combine them together, I'm in. So what I'm saying is, if you ain't talking brunch, I don't wanna talk at all ;)

How my Life went from a Hot Mess to an Organized Success (in my opinion) + how you can, too!

As much as I wish I could sit here and tell you all that my life is a breeze and I have all of my ducks in a row all the time, I don't. Instead, I'm over here serving as the conductor of the hot mess express on my way to chaos-town 95% of the time. And I'm ok with that because that's life and I'm still trying to figure it all out.

BUT, that does leave 5% of the time when my life is organized and I have my ducks in a row, and today I'm sharing my tips on how you can work towards organizing your life, too.