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First Semester Senior Year Recap + Life Lately

I am officially a second semester senior! While I am super excited to be halfway through the school year, I know that second semester will be extremely bittersweet because I will be experiencing a lot of things for the last time as a high schooler.

I am so excited to finally hear back from all of the colleges I applied to & although I know it will be stressful, I am excited to decide where I'll be attending, too! But before I jump ahead of myself with all the things that second semester has in store for me, I wanted to recap my first semester for y'all!

This photo was taken on my first day of school back in August! 

First quarter & some of second quarter were filled with golf season! Pretty much all of my Saturday's were spent traveling around the state with my teammates competing in various tournaments.

Senior year homecoming was so much fun & even though I got some serious blisters from my heels the night was still a blast!

Since golf played a HUGE part in my high school career and an even bigger part of my first semester, two pictures dedicated to my golf season were necessary. My team & I performed extremely well this past season, we won our conference championship, took 1st place in 6 tournaments we competed in & advanced to the State tournament which we ended up placing 4th in! 

I am so grateful to have been one of the captains of the team & can not thank all my teammates, coaches, parents, and friends for making my senior season truly unforgettable.

This photo was what ended up being used for our family Christmas card this past year! My younger brother was on the boys golf team & I am such a proud sister! He worked extremely hard last summer to improve his game and he also pushed me to work even harder! Without his constant support, my senior golf season wouldn't have been the same! Even though my high school golf career has ended, I am so excited to get to watch him tee it up over the next 3 years! 

Back in December 2016 my dad & I flew down to Atlanta, Georgia and from there we drove over to Auburn, Alabama which is where Auburn University is! Auburn (#WarEagle!) was the first acceptance letter I received but having never been there, my dad & I decided to fly down there to tour the campus! I immediately fell in love with the town of Auburn & the school! I'm still waiting to hear back from my #1 school but Auburn might be giving it a run for its money!

Can we take a minute to realize the the big Auburn University sign is marble?! This must be a sign ;) #FutureAuburnTiger?

I'm sure if you asked my friends, they would tell you that ever since I got home from Auburn, "War Eagle!" has been my response to just about everything! 

A few weeks after visiting Auburn, I, along with my best friend Rachel, received acceptance letters to Miami University of Ohio! Miami is just under a two hour drive from my house so if I choose to go to Miami, it will be nice to be away from my town but also close enough to visit on some weekends!

Last week my dad & I drove down to Oxford, Ohio which is wear Miami University is located. I had never been to Oxford before but my dad has been several times as his older brother (my uncle!) attend Miami. 

The campus is absolutely gorgeous & reminded me a lot of Elon University down in Elon, North Carolina. Miami is the original public ivy college and is commonly referred to as the Harvard of the Midwest so I am so blessed to have been accepted to such a wonderful school.

While Miami didn't quite bumped my top three schools out of their spots, it is still definitely a contender and the fact that it's close to home & in-state are huge pros on my pro-con list!

The University of South Carolina has been one of my top schools since middle school & I was SO excited to open the mailbox to see this big envelope waiting for me! I was considered an early answer applicant for UofSC because of when I submitted my application so I was told to be looking for an answer the week of December 12th. After two weeks of eagerly awaiting the mailman, I was so excited to receive this letter on December 23rd! 

I am extremely grateful to already have been accepted to 3 of the 5 schools I applied to & am eagerly awaiting my last two schools decision dates so I can finally begin the stressful process of picking my future home! 

Winter break was much needed and it was so nice to be able to hang out with my friends & family & catch up on blogging!

I'm sure you've seen her a lot on my Instagram, but I couldn't resist sharing this photo of my sweet puppy Callie & I on Christmas Eve!

Every year around Christmas time my friends & I will host a secret Santa and go out to dinner at the country club that one of my friends is a member at! My secret santa was too sweet & gifted me a new pair of socks for my bean boots & a darling Starbucks tumbler that I've been bringing with my everywhere recently!

The two girls in the photo, Lauren & Rachel, are in the same lunch period as I am so we have spent a lot of time together during first semester! I'm also currently watching Gilmore Girls (I'm OBSESSED!) and Rachel watches it too so that's been our go-to topic of discussion recently! Lauren hasn't started watching yet but I'm sure she'll start it soon seeing as Rachel & I talk about it all the time!

First semester senior year was definitely not at all easy, with college applications, golf season & everything else, I was super busy! It's crazy to think that I'm halfway done & in a few short months I'll be walking across that stage & receiving my diploma!


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