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Over the Knee Boots

One trend I've been seeing a lot on my Pinterest feed and my Instagram feed is over the knee boots. Upon first glance, I couldn't picture myself wearing this style of boots because it was outside of my "style comfort zone" which includes my beloved riding boots, Hunter boots & bean boots. 

But as I began to see more and more of this trend showing up in my social media feeds and the more exposed I became to this trend, I slowly began to like it! I loved that you could wear the boots with dresses and skirts and I also loved that you could wear them with jeans, too. The versatility of over the knee boots was shocking, yet so intriguing to me.

I began to shop around online for a pair of inexpensive boots because I didn't want to pay too much for a trend that I was only experimenting with. I stumbled across this pair from DSW and soon enough I found myself driving home with my very own pair of over the knee boots! (Bonus being that they were 40% off!)

If you're contemplating trying out a new trend this year I strongly encourage you to go for it! While we all have our tried and true styles, stepping out of your "style comfort zone" can be a nice chance and fun way to switch up your outfit game! 



  1. These boots are so cute on you, Riley, and I love how it pairs with your herringbone vest!