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The Importance of Reciprocity in Friendships

Back in May I shared a post all about relationships (click HERE to read it) and within a week it jumped to being my most popular post & has remained one of my top pots ever shared here on Northern Prepster. 

I began that post by saying this:

Relationships are amazing, beautiful and important in life. I'm talking about all relationships; friendships, family, professional, the whole shebang. I believe that a key component to networking in today's society is all about who you know and who knows you. Relationships are critical for our wellbeing. Our whole lives are spent building relationships with one another, it's just in our nature.

In this post, I want to focus on the bolded statement above. Relationships are critical for our wellbeing. Due to the fact that relationships play such a large role in our lives, how healthy and, on the contrary, how unhealthy they are can impact us in more ways than initially imagined. 

How I Discovered the Importance of Slowing Down & Breathing

It's 11:51pm on a Saturday night and I'm wide awake. I shouldn't be, because I've been awake since 7am and am currently sick and fighting a pretty bad cold so this lack of sleep is definitely not what I need. I had the plans to go to bed early but my anxiety had other plans (so did the fire alarm in my apartment building but that's a story for another day.)

As I sit here in my bed wrapped in my weighted blanket hoping that it helps calm me down, I realized that the topic of stress and anxiety and something that I seldom talk about here on Northern Prepster, yet as a college student, both of those things have a fairly large presence in my life, so I want to talk about it.

I don't usually share posts like this because they are very personal, but I want to be transparent on here and know that as many of my readers are college students and as we prepare to head into finals season (aka stress city), that maybe sharing my experience with stress and anxiety and how I've learned to cope with it will be beneficial for others.