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18th Birthday Wishlist

In just over two weeks (January 27th) I'll be turning 18 and am oh so excited about it! This year my birthday falls on a Friday which is extra exciting because I won't have to spend it studying and doing homework, haha. I don't have any specific plans set yet but I'm thinking a dinner out with friends & taking some pictures together would be fun! 

Even though my birthday falls in the middle of winter I always like to receive items for spring & summer. As you'll see below, I have a love for pink & gold, blue & white, and tassels and Gilmore Girls! There's also a few "classic" pieces such as a monogrammed necklace, Chanel Nº5 perfume, and a Kate Spade watch. No matter what I receive, or if I receive nothing at all, I am so excited to celebrate my birthday and am counting down the days until January 27th!

tassel dress | Kate Spade wallet | monogrammed necklace (no specific brand)


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