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My Staple Wardrobe Pieces

I generally like to consider myself a "preppy" person. While I don't wear shift dresses & oxfords every single day (because I love sweatpants & pullovers) I believe that I still have a preppy style. After all, I do run a blog & Instagram dedicated to my love of golf, macaroons and anything monogrammed & preppy.

If asked when I started dressing "preppy" I would probably answer with about 2 years ago. Before I got into the whole preppy style I didn't have a very defined style. I was a freshman in high school at the time & just kind of wore what was "in" at the time.

I never truly liked dressing with what was "in" and began to look all over Pinterest to see if I could find a style that I liked & knew I could wear. I stumbled across a few preppy bloggers & after reading their posts for hours on end I knew that preppy was the style that fit me best. The first day back to school after winter break & I walked into school with my riding boots, gingham oxford & pearl earrings. I was nervous to see what my friends would say but in all honesty, it didn't really phase them. I felt extremely comfortable wearing that outfit & knew that this was "my style."

Fast forward two years & I'm still wearing my little riding boots & J.Crew vests & loving every minute of it. Over the past two years I've collected quite the collection of clothes that I know use in my everyday wardrobe. I've noticed that I tend to build outfits off of the same few staple pieces in my wardrobe which is why I'm going to be sharing my staple pieces that I have in my closet.
|white jeans|
While they can be stressful (forever afraid of spilling something on them) they are so simple & can be paired with so many tops & blouses. I love to pair them with bright tank tops in the summer & colored oxfords in the spring. They are extremely versatile, the outfit combinations you have are endless! Here's a pair here!

|colored/patterned pants|
This past spring I really got into patterned Pixi Pants from Old Navy. The fun patterns & colors of the pants create an effortless look when paired with solid colored oxfords or tops. I have a few pairs but I am eager to add more to my collection this spring. Here's a pair here!

|chambray shirt|
I bought a chambray shirt on Black Friday & boy oh boy have I gotten my use out of it! It's such a simple piece that you can dress up or down! My chambray shirt is honestly probably one of my most worn pieces in my closet! Here's the one I have!

|button ups|
I wear button ups probably two times a week. I love pairing them under sweaters & vests in the winter & wear them with patterned pants & colored chino shorts in the spring! Here's my three favorites! 1 2 3

I've found myself wear my peacoat a lot these past 2 months! They are super warm but look nicer then the average winter coat! Here's one similar to mine!

|simple dress|
I bought a simple gray t-shirt dress back in September & absolutely love the versatility it has! Being a single, solid color (gray) it allows me to style it with so many different necklaces or I can throw my chambray shirt over it for a cool city-chic look! Here's the one I have!

|a nice watch|
Last year around this time I purchases a simple gold watch that I now wear almost everyday! I love wearing it to school & pairing it with some fun bracelets! Here's the one similar to the one I have!

|riding boots|
My go-to shoe in the fall! I especially love wearing boot socks with them! Here's a darling pair from Tory Burch!

|pearl earrings|
I wear pearl earrings everyday & am a strong believer that they can dress up any outfit! Here's a pair!

Perfect for bad hair days or simply running errands! I love ballcaps & love adding more to my collection! Here's one that I really want!

What are your staple pieces?


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  1. I love this post! I have always had a classic style (I can thank my mom for that one!) but I started wearing preppy brands my freshmen year too, not because it was "in" at the time but because I loved it! Riding boots are definitely an essential of mine!