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Instagram Themes: What's the Hype?

On Monday I shared my Tips for Growing your Instagram Account. I was shocked at the response I got from that post, so many people commenting such positive things, complimenting me on my blog (thank you!) & the one comment that I kept seeing that caught my attention was people wanted to know what an Instagram theme is.

I guess I had always assumed that people had a general idea about the concept on an Instagram theme but reading the feedback on Monday's post I realized that the hype about Instagram themes hasn't reached everyone yet.

Instagram Themes are basically a way of organizing your feed by making all the photos look like they are part of a set.

Instagram themes can be achieved in numerous ways. Themes keep your photos looking similar because they all have the same filter applied, or they all focus on one color or perhaps focus on one brand. There is are options when it comes to creating an Instagram theme.

To give you an idea of what Insta Themes looks like here's some of my previous themes I've had:

My theme here was bright, eye catching colors. All of my photos are edited to increase saturation and I upped the brightness on all of them too.

This was one of my favorite themes I've had in the past. I tried to have all of my photos include the color blue and to bring out that blues I would lower the temperature which gave all my photos a blue tint.

|navy & orange|
This was more of a mini-theme I had but each photo had the colors navy or orange in it. Although this was a short-lived theme it was definitely one of my most cohesive themes.

I'm a sucker for white Instagram themes. I love that they are so bright & so clean, too. Although it may seem easy, maintaining a white theme is actually harder than it looks. The whites all have to be similar and it takes a great deal of time using the whitening tool to create a bright & cohesive white theme. 

If you don't want to focus on colors for a theme, you can choose to focus on a season, too! I loved how my feed looked during the holidays! With it being winter now, you could focus on photos involving snow. For the spring time you could focus your theme around flowers or pastel colors.

Instagram themes don't have to be just colors or events. You can center your feed around food, or sports, your kids or your dog. The options are endless for your theme. Just try to keep them all focused around the same topic, that's really all there is to Instagram themes.

What's your favorite kind of theme?


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