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Yesterday I posted on my Instagram and asked y'all to ask me questions for this Q&A. I've never done a Q&A post before and while I feel like y'all know me pretty well, I wanted to answer your questions to allow you to get to know me even better. I received a TON of questions (thank you!) and will do my best to answer each one!

"Favorite food?"
I LOVE salmon! I could eat it for lunch & dinner every single day if I had to! But I also have a huge sweet tooth and will eat just about anything that has chocolate in it!

"What clothing items are on your wish list right now?"
I'm obsessed with this top from J.Crew, this dress from Lilly Pulitzer, & these Jack Rogers!

"How long have you been blogging?"
Just over 3 years! You can read all about the last three years in this post!

"Why did you start blogging?"
I started blogging as an outlet from school and as a way to share my style. My dad has a blog so I was fairly familiar with the concept of blogging and after doing a bit of research about blogging, I sat down and created the very site your on right now! I explain more about my blogging in this post!

"If you could have an accent, which one would you choose?"
Hands down a southern accent! I don't know what it is about them but I just love them!

"Where do you see yourself in 10 years?"
Hopefully as a second grade teacher and possibly with a family of my own! Location wise, I'm not sure if I'll end up back in my hometown or if I'll be in South Carolina, I guess we'll have to see what happens!

"Will you be a mom blogger?"
I love blogging and would like to continue it for as long as I can but I'll deal with this question later on down the road, haha.

"Favorite line from Gossip Girl?"
"If you really want something you don't stop for anyone of anything until you get it" -Blair Waldorf

"Poor and happy or rich and miserable?"
Poor & happy. Happiness>anything else.

"What advice would you give to an upcoming senior & starting to look at colleges?"
If you haven't already, read my letter to underclassmen from a second semester senior! As for the college search, it will be frustrating and there will likely be a time when you feel like you'll never find "the one" but trust me, when you find your school, you'll know you've found it. Look at schools that you're interested in, not because it's where all of your friends are going, after all, it's your education.

"What are your favorite stores to shop at?"
J.Crew, LOFT, TJMaxx & Marshalls!

"What's something you couldn't live without?"
Aside from my phone, definitely my pearl earrings! I've worn my pearls everyday for the last 4 years and it's become a habit of mine to put them in as soon as I wake up in the mornings! If I didn't have my pearls in one day I honestly don't think I'd be able to function properly.

"What/where is your happy place?"
The beach! I could sit on the beach and just people watch and listen to the ocean for hours!

"What will the theme of your dorm room be?"
Navy & pink with touches of gingham & gold!

"What's your major going to be in college?"
Elementary Education! I want to teach elementary schoolers around the 2nd grade level! You can read more about my major and my college decision in this post!

"Best thing to have in your college dorm?"
Ask me again a year from now and I'll be able to give you a better answer because I haven't lived in a dorm yet but I guess I would have to say something to remind you of home!

"Favorite quote?"
She believed she could, so she did.

"If you could travel any place in the world right now where would you go?"
Nantucket! (or to Charlotte to see my bestie Katie from Chic in Carolina!)

"Tips for beginning bloggers?"
You can read my best tips for beginning bloggers in this post here!

"How to grow your Instagram account & keep a good theme?"
I wrote all about growing your account & about Instagram themes, which you can read about here, here & here!
"How do you take & edit your pictures?"
Click here to read about how I edit my photos!

"Are you excited for college?"

"Do you plan to rush?"
YES! I just registered for recruitment a couple days ago!

"What are you most excited for about college?"
I honestly and most excited to be somewhere new. As much as I know I'm going to miss it up here in my hometown in Ohio, I'm so ready to get out and explore new places. I'm also really excited to meet new people and make new friends!

Thank y'all SO much for all the questions! I hope you enjoyed reading my responses to the questions just as much as I enjoyed answering them!


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