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Graduation Dresses

High school graduations are looming just around the corner and the pressure to find the perfect dress is in full force. Traditionally at my school, and many others, white dresses are worn under your graduation gown. My graduation is 18 days away (May 28th, hurry up!) and although I've had my dress since Spring Break, I know a lot of my friends and classmates are scrambling to find a dress for the big day.

Being a senior, these last few weeks have been very light on the work load and most school days consist of tying up loose ends and just sitting in class and have free periods. Thanks to the ample amount of free time I have now, I've been looking around online and I've gathered up a handful of my personal favorite dresses for graduation! I've included a variety of price ranges, some that are reasonably priced and others that are a bit more expensive but after all, it is your graduation day and sometimes you just have to #treatyoself.

The dress that I'll be sporting at graduation is this one from J.Crew that I bought back while I was in Naples and spent the morning working with a personal stylist at J.Crew! You can read all about my experience with a personal stylist in this post! I've yet to find a pair of wedges to wear so any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated! My cap & gown are black so I'm trying to avoid navy but I'm open to anything else!

Have you found your graduation dress yet?

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