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Valentine's Day Recap

Happy Thursday! As I'm sure most of y'all know, Valentine's Day was this past Sunday. I spent my day eating lots of sweet treats and driving around with my mom taking pictures for my photography class. I did managed to snap quite a few pictures throughout the day so that's what I'm going to be sharing with y'all today! 

I started off my morning with a big mug of hot chocolate and this sweet little chocolate dipped marshmallow that I had made the previous night at the friends house. 

One of the requirements for my photo shoot was a city skyline so my mom & I headed downtown so I could snap some pictures. My mom snapped this picture of me with the city in the background and I really love it! 

Our next stop was German Village. German Village is such a fun place to explore and is home to my favorite macaroon store: Pistacia Vera. Of course, we had to stop in and grab some macaroons, shortbread cookies & a giant chocolate croissant! 

How pretty are these macaroons?!

Here we have a photo of me taking a photo of my favorite macaroon store. #BloggerStatus.

We somehow ended up in a book loft with 36 different rooms. We didn't venture too far into the rooms because we didn't want to get lost but outside the loft was this neat little brick sidewalk and I loved the overall look of it so I had my mom snap another pic of my outfit for me.

Once we got home I handed over the DSLR to my mom and had her take one final outfit photo so I had something of a little higher quality than an iPhone photo to share with y'all on Instagram. 

I added this red scarf to give my outfit a pop of color and since it was Valentine's day I felt as though red or pink was necessary. I finally got to wear my Southern Proper hat that my sweet friend Audrey gave to me for my birthday & I absolutely love it! I already know it's going to be a staple in my wardrobe during the Spring and Summer months!

Chocolate covered strawberries & marble makes for an oh so happy Riley!

For our Valentine's day dessert we had cupcakes in a jar from Wicked Good Cupcakes! If y'all haven't had these before then you're missing out! They are so yummy! 

How fun is this photo! This shortbread cookie from Pistacia Vera was oh so yummy!

I hope y'all had a super sweet Valentine's Day!


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