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2015 Goals & Bucket List

Hi Everyone!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a fun & safe New Years Eve. Seeing as today is January 1st (& the first post of 2015, yay!) it's time for me to share my 2015 resolutions/goals/bucket list with y'all. As you'll tell from below my goals are pretty scattered across the board but I'm excited to see how they'll play out.

|travel someplace new|
Although I don't have a specific place in mind, I would love to travel someplace I've never been before and be able to explore the area. I have been wanting to visit the East Coast, but who knows! Maybe I'll end up in Colorado or something, I'd take either :)
|reach 1,000 Instagram followers|
This one is super exciting for me! I want to expand my audience and following and I'd love to hit 1,000 or even more! {My username is @northprepster}
|get my drivers license|
oh boy is this exciting. I turn 16 on January 27th but I got my temporary license a few days late so I'm just going for having my license before we head south for Spring Break in March.
|develop a regular workout routine & stick to it|
what's a new year goals list without some health & fitness on it! Be on the lookout for a fitness post once I figure out my routine!
|watch the sunset on the beach|
I just think this would be a nice, relaxing way to end a wonderful day during Spring Break. Plus, it would be great for some photos.
|run a color run|
My friends and I have wanted to participate in a color run for several years now and this year I'm ready to cross this off my bucket list.
|early morning walk on the beach|
There's something about being awake before everyone else that puts me in a good mood. Throw in a beach before anyone is awake and I'd be thrilled!
What are some of your goals for 2015?


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