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16th Birthday Wish List

Hi Everyone!

Seeing as my birthday is just around the corner {January 27th} I felt as though it was time to create my birthday wish list. Since my birthday is about a month after Christmas I'm not asking for a lot this year. Usually I don't really ask for specific items but this year there's a few items that I've been swooning over for quite some time now.

||new monogrammed hat||
You can find these just about anywhere nowadays but etsy is my personal favorite. I had a monogrammed hat and I LOVED it but I seem to have misplaced it and that is devastating for me. I loved the colors of my old hat, light blue with a baby pink monogram but if I could choose I would have to go with navy with a nice pink monogram.

||navy Fitbit||
My mom has a Fitbit and so do a few of my classmates and I am so fascinated by them. Not only do they help you track your health but they look so chic and simple too! I love the classic black Fitbit but hey, navy or nothing. {Fitbit Flex}

||navy Long Champ tote||
Can you tell I love navy? I've been wanting a Long Champ Le Pliage tote for almost a year now and I know that I would get so much usage out of one. I think they would be perfect for long car rides, a carry on bag or even a school bag. I'm not sure what size I want but I'd rather have extra room then not enough so maybe medium to large? If you have a Long Champ let me know what size you recommend! {Long Champ}

||Lokai bracelet||
If there's one thing I really really want it's a Lokai bracelet. I'm so fascinated with the story behind it. For those who haven't heard of a Lokai bracelet its a simple beaded bracelet but it has two special beads; a white one and black one. The white bead is infused with water from Mt. Everest, the highest point on Earth, to remind you to stay humble even when you're on top of the world. The black bead is infused with mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth, to remind you to stay hopeful even when you've hit rock bottom. I think these bracelets are so cool and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to receive one, not to mention its only $18! I know that seems pricey for a bracelet but when you take into consideration the story behind it I think it's worth the money. {Lokai}

Thanks for reading!

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