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Meet Northern Prepster

After having a blog for 6 months I've decided it's finally time to "reveal" who exactly I {Northern Prepster} am. Some of y'all may already know me, some may not. Without farther ado, let's meet Northern Prepster!

Chillin' with my main man Brutus
 So I guess I should formally introduce myself. I'm Riley Carpenter and I'm Northern Prepster. Born & raised in Ohio {Go Bucks!} and soon to be sophomore in high school.
Teeing off earlier this evening
 I'm on my high school golf team and I enjoy going out to our golf club and playing as many holes as my dad and I can get in before dark.
Classic Riley & Dad selfie
 My family consisted of my mom, dad {http://www.carpscorner.net} and my younger brother, Ryan
The South brings out the happiness in me
 Living in the north it's only on occasion that I get to visit the south. When in the south I'm usually in Sanibel Island, Florida or Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.
Harbor Town, HHI
 I'm pretty easy-going {I think} and I love taking pictures and browsing pinterest.
 Even my dog, Callie, likes Vineyard Vines
Jack Rogers make for a happy girl

 I'd live at the beach if I could, but sadly I live in Ohio where one day it's sunny and 75 and the next it's -10 and snowing

Forever & Always a Golden Bear

We really are the same person, I swear

Did I mention I'm fantastic at mini-golf? {I made this putt by the way}
 Stay tuned for more posts to come, who knows maybe my friends will be featured in a baking/cooking post soon? ;)
Stay Classy!

~Northern Prepster~
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