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DIY Summer Garland

Supplies Needed:
~Glue Stick  
~ Scissors    
~Punch {optional}
~Colored Paper {I used 2 colors but you can use however many you desire}

Step 1. Cut your string to you're desired length
Step 2. Pick your paper. I ended up only needed 1 sheet of each color but your quantity will depend on your garland length and your paper size. I picked a peachy color and light yellow because I liked the contrast between the two and these are my two colors for the summer right now.
Step 3. Trace your bunting/garland shape. I went with the triangular shapes just because it fit my room well.
I was able to fit 8 total triangles on one piece which is exactly the amount I needed. {I had a total of 16 triangles, 8 peach 8 yellow}
Step 4. Cut out your shapes.. Pretty self explanatory :)
Step 5. If you're doing more than one color go ahead and trace the other colors. If you're lazy like I am you can use the remaining paper from the other color to use a stencil
Step 6. Again just cut out your shapes
Step 7. This step is optional but I like adding an extra color contrast to my garland. For this you're going to take an punch you desire and punch out the design from both colors. You should have enough of each color to fit the opposite color of the punch
Step 8. After you've punched out your design just go ahead and mix-n-match your colors and glue them on
Step 9. Go ahead and mount your shapes onto your string and voilà! This is such a simple DIY and I'll make different bunting for each season and holidays.

I hope y'all enjoyed this little DIY, I know the picture quality isn't the best because I took the photos on my iPhone because I'm saving up for a high quality camera. As always, leave your comments and requests below.

Stay Classy!
     ~Northern Prepster~

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