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Life Lately

Happy Friday! My life has been nothing short of crazy recently. From winter formal, to my 18th birthday, and a weekend road trip, I have going non-stop these past few weeks which is why today's post is a update on what I've been up to recently!


My school's Winter Formal was a few weekends and while I opted not to go, my best friend Emily asked my brother Ryan and I was able to go to their pictures before the dance and snap some photos! Winter Formal is girls-ask-guys so I was super excited when my brother got asked because it meant I would be able to play photographer for the night, haha. 

Last Friday I celebrated my 18th birthday, which you can read about here & here. My family & I went out to dinner at my favorite restaurant in town and my mom snapped this photo of Ryan and I. You can probably tell from the photo, but we were laughing hysterically about goodness knows what. I was so glad to spend my birthday with my family and am really going to miss nights like those when I'm away at college next year. You can bet I'll be FaceTiming Ryan everyday to stay in-the-know about what happening back home.

Last Saturday my mom and I did a little bit of shopping and of course we had to make a stop in J.Crew where I picked up this darling top that I am eagerly waiting to wear once it warms up here! J.Crew also had complimentary cookies & waters that I picked up along with a the latest J.Crew Style  Guide!

Last weekend my dad & I traveled down to Clemson, South Carolina to walk around Clemson University one more time before I (finally) hear back from them and ultimately make my college decision! You can read my whole Clemson Recap post here!

What have you been up to lately?


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