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A Month (& Counting!) Without Soda

Before 2017, I could never pass up an ice cold Diet Coke. As much as I hate to admit it, I would drink a Diet Coke every.single.day. The first I would do when I came home from school would be to head to the fridge to grab a Diet Coke. Knowing that college is right around the corner, I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to grab a Diet Coke, or any kind of soda for that matter, whenever I pleased. Realizing that in a matter of a few months I’ll be a full-time college student made me become so much more conscious about what I’m eating and drinking each day. 

One of my goals for 2017 (which you can read about here!) was to limit the amount of soda I consumed. I hadn’t planned on completely removing soda from my life but after the first few days without soda passed, I knew that I wanted to completely stop drinking it. I haven’t had any soda at all this year and am proud of it. While there certainly are days that I really want to cave and have a few sips of a Diet Coke, I’m still going strong. Since I removed soda from my diet, I’ve seen some changes in myself. They’re positive changes and ones that needed to be made.

more energy… I used to rely on soda to give me a burst of energy after school to help me power through all the work I had to do. But once I stopped drinking soda, I realized that I don’t need caffeine to help me stay energized, by avoiding the afternoon soda consumption I was finding that I had more energy than when I would drink soda. 

sleeping better… As strange as it may seem, ever since I stopped drinking soda, I’ve found that I fall asleep so much faster and don’t wake up as often in the middle of the night. It’s crazy to me that by simply removing one thing from my daily diet can have such a big impact on my sleep schedule. 

clearer skin… While I still have my fair share of breakouts, I’ve found that when my skin does flare up, it doesn’t last as long and the breakouts aren’t as stubborn as they used to be. I’ve been drinking a lot more water in place of the soda which is having an extremely positive impact on my complexion. 

saving money… I carry my S’well bottle around with me everyday at school and because of that I don’t need to purchase a drink when we go out to lunch. Sodas at restaurants cost upwards of $2 and because I no longer drink it, I’m saving myself a boatload of money in the long run. 

Have you given up soda before? 



  1. I love this- I stopped drinking soda three years ago and after a while, you don't even want it anymore!


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