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South Carolina Recap

The past three days my mom and I have been traveling to and from Columbia, South Carolina. I mentioned it in yesterday's post but The University of South Carolina is high up on my list of schools and I wanted to see the campus again before I finally make my decision! We were only in Columbia for a day but we had a lot going on so I'm going to be briefly recapping that with y'all today!

Sunday morning we hit the road shortly after 7am. From my hometown, it's about an 8ish hour drive to Columbia depending on traffic. It's an easy drive down, I'm pretty sure you only change highways two or three times. We drive down through Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, and then South Carolina. As you probably already know, my blogger bestie Katie lives in North Carolina and it just so happened that we passed right through her town so my mom and I made a brief stop to say hi to Katie!

A couple hours later when we had made it to Columbia, we did a little bit of shopping at an outdoor shopping mall before heading to the hotel. I actually purchased the dress that I'm going to wear for my graduation party and oh my goodness am I so excited about it! 

Once we got to our hotel (which was right on USC's campus!) we relaxed for a little bit before hopping back in the car to drive through Greek Village. If you've never seen USC's Greek Village, oh my goodness, the houses are STUNNING! 

After driving through Greek Village, we headed over to the Vista which is an area of campus with lots of restaurants. We ended up grabbing dinner at Wild Wing and then afterwards we stopped by Kaminsky's which is this super cute dessert cafe that has the cutest sweet treats and the best milkshakes! 

Monday morning we were up bright and early again as we were able to sit in on an 8am class. As much as I dreaded getting up at 6am in order to be out the door by 7:15 to walk across campus to our class, I'm so glad we did! It was super cool to be able to sit in on a class and afterwards I got to speak with the professor and a couple of the students! 

After our class ended, which was about 9:30, my mom and I headed over to the Horseshoe which is the heart of campus. We were meeting a current student at 10 but since we were early we just found a sunny bench and waited.

The student we met with showed us this darling coffee shop where we sipped on iced coffee and chatted for over an hour and a half! It was so nice to be able to hear from a current USC student, especially all about sorority rush which I'm definitely planning on doing if I choose to attend USC!

After we finished up at the coffee shop my mom and I headed to Pink Sorbet which is the Lilly Pulitzer signature store in Columbia! I was able to snag another popover as well as a cute notecard set! We then grabbed lunch at Eggs Up Grille before heading back up north to Ohio.

Even though we weren't in Columbia for very long, I'm so glad we went back down because it really helped me in my college decision!

Have you ever been to Columbia?

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  1. Loved catching up with ya last week! The rest of your trip looks amazing- can't wait to hear your final decision!