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Northern Prepster Travels

It's safe to say that I've traveled more in these last three months than I have in the past two years. Most of my traveling is courtesy of being a senior in high school who is looking at colleges but I'm not complaining.

Back in December of 2016, my dad and I flew down to Atlanta, Georgia where we then drove to Auburn, Alabama to tour Auburn University. Two weeks ago my dad and I drove down to Clemson, South Carolina to tour Clemson University. Currently, my mom and I are in Columbia, South Carolina as we are getting ready to tour the University of South Carolina tomorrow morning.

I am so close to making my final college decision! It should be only a matter of days before I'll be able to have a new place to call home. I'm super excited to be done with the stress of the college process and I'm also excited to share all about it with y'all! I'll have a South Carolina recap post up later this week but for now I'll include a few photos that I've taken so far!

While driving down we happened to be passing through Katie's hometown so a pitstop was necessary to briefly catch up with her! Katie is my blogger & real life bestie and it was SO nice to see her again since the last time we had seen each other in person was last March over spring break!

Have you traveled anywhere recently?


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