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Tuesday Thoughts vol. 1

I love words and can spend hours scrolling through quotes on Pinterest at night. I'm notorious for pinning quotes that relate to my current life situations and the types of quotes I pin are strongly influenced by my mood, which my friends can attest to. I love words because they have the ability to tell stories, inspire, and impact our lives. 

I'm starting a new series here on Northern Prepster called 'Tuesday Thoughts' where I'll share a quote that has impacted me recently and share some hopefully wise words related to it.

No matter how many times I remind myself that the past is in the past, I still manage to find ways to let my past impact my current life & my future. I focus too much on mistakes made previously that I instead of working to make positive changes to fix those mistakes, I instead just spend more time worrying about my mistakes and worrying about making them again.

Beginning now, I'm going to start making more conscious efforts to leave yesterday in the past. A lot can happen in 24 hours, but if we continue to carry the weight of the previous day, we aren't leaving ourselves much room to take on the things that the current day is offering to us.

Yesterday is history. There is nothing you can do to go back and change it, however, you can learn from your experiences and allow those to impact how you move forward. Together, let's spend less time dwelling on the past & carrying the weight of yesterday and more time living in the moment, something I am really trying to do as I prepare to head into my second-to-last year of college.


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