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Apartment Bedroom Inspiration

I've always been extremely interested in interior design and grew up looking forward to the first time I'll get to decorate my first apartment. Luckily, this upcoming school year, I will be moving into an apartment of my own! I am a rising junior in college and am SO excited to finally have my own room and bathroom to get to decorate however I please.

Like the majority of college freshman, I lived in a dorm room my first year which gave me a bit of decorative freedom but because there were two people squished into a room that could barely even fit one, I was limited. This past year, my sophomore year, I lived in my sorority house and also shared a room with a roommate so again, I didn't have a space to call entirely my own.

This year, I will be living in an apartment with four of my best friends, with each of us having our own bedrooms and bathrooms. Because I am planning to resign my lease and live in the same apartment for my senior year (woah, that's crazy to read. senior year.) I want to decorate my space in a very simple and timeless way that I know I won't get tired of over the course of the next two years. 

The comforter pictured above is the exact one that I have ordered and I'm going to be planning my room around that. The furniture in my room is black so I've opted to go with shades of light pink and light blue with pops of gray and gold throughout my room. I'm planning on making my own wooden headboard to give my space a rustic feel (BIG Joanna Gaines vibes) and also including this adorable wooden Ohio board on my gallery wall that will be mixed in with several of my favorite photos that I'm going to get printed and framed. 

Once I get settled into my apartment in the fall, I will definitely be sharing an apartment room tour here on Northern Prepster so if you're curious as to how my room turns out, don't worry, you'll see here in the next couple of months!

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