Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Instagram vs. Reality

A couple of years ago I shared an Instagram vs. Reality post where I shared the stories behind some of my Instagram photos. Seeing as that post was written in 2015 (click HERE to read it!) I decided it was time for an updated version of this post to go up.

My life is far from put together. Even if my Instagram feed seems to be very cohesive and aesthetically pleasing, I'm just your average college student who wear leggings and tshirts to class each day & definitely can't afford the smoothie bowls that I buy far too frequently. I went through my camera roll the other day and found ten photos that all have funny stories behind them that I wanted to share here today to prove that my feed isn't effortless and rather takes a lot of work to appear semi-put together.

Instagram: Just your average front seat picture featuring the prettiest fresh flowers and a healthy smoothie.

Reality: I paid way too much for these flowers at Whole Foods, I paid way too much for this smoothie (but it was so good) and I'm sitting in my car in the Whole Foods parking lot trying to take this photo while the guy parked next to me is staring and probably thinking "what on earth is that girl doing?"

Instagram: A very aesthetically pleasing photo of my friend and I's avocado toast & smoothies from our spontaneous smoothie run.

Reality: Once again, I paid way too much for this stuff (although, again, it was good) and I'm hovering over the table to get a better angle. I made my friend pick the table next to the window so I could have natural lighting and ordered the avocado toast solely for the reason that it looked pretty. I had never had avocado toast before so I definitely shouldn't have paid the price I paid for it but it was fantastic so I guess it was worth it?

Instagram: Editing blog posts while munching on cheese & grapes and sipping on lemonade while gazing out over a harbor in Charleston. Truly living my best life here.

Reality: I moved this table from the other side of our hotel room just so I could make it seem like my workspace overlooked the harbor. 

Instagram: Enjoying an iced coffee and found the prettiest flowers and had to snap a picture & make sure my gold Jack Rogers (HERE) are in the photo for an added pop of color.

Reality: My cup is empty, my nail polish is chipped & Katie is looking at my like I'm a complete weirdo because I'm standing in this flower patch in front of the South Carolina state house and people are staring. 

Instagram: Outfit of the day photo in front of this pink wall that Katie & I stumbled upon while exploring downtown Greenville. 

Reality: Katie & I walked up and down the streets until we found an aesthetically pleasing wall to take pictures in front of. Let it be known that this wall happened to be on a building on the side of a pretty busy road so we got a lot of weird looks from cars passing by while we had a mini photo shoot in front of this wall. This is one of my favorite pictures though so it was worth it. 

Instagram: It's finally snowing in Ohio so here's a candid of me outside.

Reality: This photo isn't candid, I'm freezing & the neighbors walking their dog are staring. The snow only lasted for about an hour and by the end of the day it all way melted. 

Instagram: Another picture in the snow but this time in my cute Christmas plaid pajamas because I'm so excited it's going to be a white Christmas.

Reality: These pajamas aren't even mine (thanks Mom!) and I'm once again freezing. The camera was barely functioning because it was so cold and I had to mess around with the flash for a while in order for the snow flakes to show up.

Instagram: Post-workout picture. Woo! So glad I'm off to a good start on my 2018 goal to workout more.

Reality: My water bottle is empty & my headphones aren't even plugged into anything. If that doesn't give you insight on how my workout went than I don't know what will.

Instagram: Sipping on artsy lattes in the cutest coffee shop. Once again, living my best life.

Reality: This latte was $4 (worth it, though) and I made my mom take this photo an absurb amount of times before we finally got one that I liked. All the tables were filled and people were waiting for some to open up so they were defintely irritated that I was having a photo shoot over here in the corner. 

Instagram: The prettiest pasteries at my new favorite local coffee shop. I'll take one of each, please!

Reality: I'm blocking the whole line to snap this photo and am akwardly leaning backwards to make sure I can include the cute menu in the back. 

What's a funny story behind some of your Instagram photos?


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