Friday, June 5, 2015

Instagram vs. Reality

Confession: My life is not as glamorous & put-together as my Instagram makes it seem. To prove this, today I'm going to be sharing my Instagram vs. Reality (because what appears in the photo usually has an interesting story to it). ps. the majority of this post is food photos, oops.

 Instagram: I went out for frozen yogurt with my two best friends & snapped the perfect picture of our fro-yo
Reality: I tried for 2 minutes to arrange the bowls nicely then made both my friends move so they weren't blocking me light. Then, because I'm so short, proceeded to stand on the bench to get a birds-eye-view photo while a dozen little middle schoolers looked and me with a confused look.
 Instagram: Dining outside because the weather is so nice and had to snap a photo of myself enjoying the refreshing water that was in a very fancy glass.
Reality: I'm yelling at my mom to stop zooming in while people at the surrounding tables give me weird looks. I tried for 3 minutes to get my hair & sunglasses to corporate due to the cars passing by on the street next to me. Not to mention the photobomber in the back...
 Instagram: Enjoying a nice dinner on the patio while admiring the pretty spring flowers.
Reality: Trying to time this photo out so there wasn't any cars in the background was difficult. Right in the middle of the photo-taking-process I reached and picked up my glasses and then had to wait for the fingerprint to go away before I finally got a good picture.
 Instagram: Exploring cute cupcake shops & was able to snap a quick photo with the sun shining in the window & the chairs & tables perfectly arranged.
Reality: I'm standing in the doorway of the shop leaning backwards to get a good angle before the shop owner asks "Can I ask what you're doing?" and then I had to explain (while quite embarrassed) "Oh, well, you see, I'm a blogger & I this would be a really good Instagram photo." #bloggerproblems
 Instagram: Woohoo, celebrating summer with some cute cupcakes from a cute cupcake shop.
Reality: I'm squatting to get the whole display place in the frame while my dad is laughing at me. The workers kept walking back & forth behind the case so I had to time the photo when they weren't walking in the background.
 Instagram: Enjoying a piping hot flatbread while drinking an ice cold soda while dining outside. My food is just so photogenic.
Reality: I'm leaning in my chair to get a cool angle & manage to almost knock myself over in doing so. The waitress is giving me weird looks & at this point, I've learned to just ignore them.
Instagram: I love stops in the ice cream parlor & treating myself to my favorite treat. Life is just so good right now.
Reality: I am, again, standing up, hovering over my ice cream to take this photo while still trying to get the lines of the parlor table in the background. Not to mention, pretty much the entire population of my town was at the ice cream parlor.
 Instagram: Riding around with the sunroof open & enjoying the soon-to-be summer breeze while showing off my new Fitbit.
Reality: My friend Rachel & I are sitting at the elementary school pick-up spot waiting for her sister to come out & I awkwardly stuck my hands out the top & made Rachel take this photo so I could show everyone my new Fitbit.
 Instagram: vineyard vines looks so cute especially when I'm standing in front of this pretty lilac bush.
Reality: I'm standing in front of some random persons lilac bush on the way to my little brother's baseball game. Why my hands are on my head, I do not know.
 Instagram: I eat healthy food like this everyday. I love fruit.
Reality: I'm at Mother's Day brunch & standing up in the booth to take this photo. The restaurant was packed so I had dozens of moms looking at me. I arranged the fruit in the bowl so that every fruit was shown & had to have the bowl centered on the plate.
Instagram: Flower shopping is so much fun & I always look this cute & put together.
Reality: I'm standing in front of racks of flowers while I have a pack of old ladies glaring at me because I was standing in front of the flowers they wanted. While this photo is being taken the sprinkles start to go off and I begin to get sprayed with freezing water.

Oh, the things I'd do for a good picture. I hope this post made you laugh & made you realize that my life is not as glamorous as my Instagram feed makes it seem. Do you have any photo stories?


  1. Loved this post Riley! Super cute and hilarious

    xx Maria |

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