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A Peek at My Week

Happy Saturday & happy July! It's crazy to think that a month of summer has already flown by! This past week was another busy one for me filled with LOTS of nannying & babysitting. I also shot some fun new content for the blog which I talk more about below!


On Saturday I woke up around 7:30am and my dad and I headed down to OSU campus to pick up some donuts from Buckeye Donuts for breakfast. We also stopped by a Starbucks drive-thru on our way home to pick up some iced coffees, too. 

Later that day I drove my car over to my brother's golf team car wash fundraiser. The boys and girls golf teams at my old high school do a joint car wash each summer to raise money for their upcoming seasons. It was so funny to be inside the car this year as I've been on the outside washing the cars the last four years. 

After I drove through the carwash I parked my car in the parking lot there and then went into the restaurant that was in that plaza and had lunch with my mom and dad. 

After lunch I came home and showered and got dressed into a bit nicer clothes since I was babysitting the little boys across the street from me that night. I babysat them at the pool of their country club which was super fun because I got to just watch them swim all night. We also grabbed dinner and ate that poolside which was really fun. I babysat until around 9:15pm and then I came home and watched some Netflix on my laptop before going to bed.


Sunday morning I was up early again because my mom and I were heading out to the new Lilly Pulitzer store that had just opened in Columbus. We also stopped by the Container Store before the Lilly store to pick up a few things for my dorm room next year. I wrote an entire post about my trip to the Lilly store so if you're curious & want to see more photos from my visit, you can click HERE to read that post! Mom and I also stopped by a Starbucks drive-thru on our way home to pick up some refreshers!

I didn't do anything super exciting that afternoon but I did babysat another family later that evening and was there until around 11:30pm so when I came home I pretty much went straight to bed because I was exhausted. 

M O N D A Y 

On Monday I was up at my usual 7:15am and then headed off to nanny a little before 9am. I nannied from 9am-4pm and since the weather was nice, I took the little boy I nanny for over to one of the parks in our area where we played for a couple of hours before grabbing some Chipotle for lunch and bringing it back to my house to eat on my back patio. 

After I got home from nannying around 4:15 I didn't do much besides respond to some emails and catch up on my social media feeds. Later that evening, around 6:45pm, I headed up to another park with my dad where we shot the photos for Tuesday's outfit post which you can read HERE. I kid you not, right as my dad released the button from taking the last photo, it started POURING rain! I couldn't help but laugh though because we were in the middle of the park, far from my car & it was my dad's first time shooting outfit photos with me and he ended up getting stuck in a downpour while doing so. Once we got home I spent the rest of the night editing outfit pictures and writing Tuesday's blog post. 

T U E S D A Y 

Tuesday morning I woke up at my usual 7:15am and since it was kind of chilly that day, I wore my new garnet colored leggings (Go Gamecocks!) while I ran errands that morning. I had to stop by Starbucks first because I had a free reward to redeem and I was in the mood of some coffee. My errands for the day entailed driving all around my town taking pictures of various well-known places for my dad to use for some project he's doing for work and I also had to pick up something for a fun project that Katie from Chic in Carolina & I are planning!

I got home around 11:30 from running my errands and changed into shorts & a t-shirt and then just hung out around the house until around 12:45 when I left to go pick up the little boy I nanny from his school. Usually his mom picks him up but since she was out of town this past week and his dad works downtown, I picked him up from school to make it easier on them. 

I nannied from 1pm-5:30pm that day and we spent most of the day outside since the weather was super nice. After I got home from nannying I quickly changed back into my leggings because it had gotten chilly again and then I headed over to babysit for the sweetest little two year old. Since she lives close to a Panera, we walked over to Panera and picked her up some Mac-n-cheese and a cookie and then walked back home where she ate that and played a little bit before going to bed around 8:30. After she was asleep, I worked on some blog posts until the parents got home. 

I got home from babysitting around 9:45pm and then watched a couple episodes on Netflix and then went to bed because I was exhausted. 


Wednesday morning was up at 7:15am, again, and got dressed and drove over to my favorite local coffee shop to pick myself up a coffee & breakfast sandwich before heading home to do some work on the blog. 

I picked the little boy I nanny for up from school at 1 and nannied until almost 6pm. This day of nannying was hectic because we actually ended up getting locked out of the house and since I had left my phone inside, I couldn't call the parents to get the garage code to get back in. We ended up waiting until the dad got home to let us back in and once he finally got home, we realized we had been outside for almost two hours in 95ยบ heat. Needless to say, I was exhausted and overheated by time I finally made it home.

On a more exciting note, when I got home from nannying I was greeted with a package from my bestie, Katie, who blogs over at Chic in Carolina! Katie and I had been texting earlier that week and she asked me if I wanted one of her old shift dresses and of course I said yes so she mailed that up to me! I also laughed because she even included the original tag from the dress! But seriously, the award for the best best friend definitely goes out to my girl Katie. Be on the lookout for an outfit post featuring this gorgeous shift next week!



Thursday morning I was up at 7am which is a little earlier than usual but I quickly did my hair and makeup and got dressed because my dad and I were heading downtown to film some videos for his work and to shoot some outfits for Northern Prepster! One of the outfits we shot was Thursday's post (which you can read HERE) and the other one will be up on the blog next Thursday!

I then picked the little boy I nanny up from school again and since he had gone a field trip that day, he was super tired so we didn't do much aside from catching some bugs with a little bug catching kit that I brought him.

I nannied from 1pm-5:45pm and once I got home I just hung out for the rest of the night and watched some Netflix, worked on some blogs & caught up on my social media feeds.



Friday I slept in until around 8:20 and had to quickly get dressed since I nanny from 9am-4pm on Fridays. The little boy & I decided to go out to breakfast at First Watch, a super cute & yummy (& popular) breakfast spot here in town. After we finished up our breakfast we stopped by his house quickly to get some sunscreen for him and then we drove over to meet my dad at a Starbucks because the little boy really wanted to meet my dad, haha. After we sat at Starbucks for a few minutes we walked over to my dads office where he showed the little boy around. Then we headed back to my house where we caught more bugs and then walked up to the park near my neighborhood.

We headed back to his house a little before 3pm and his mom actually let me go an hour early because she had decided to take the rest of the day off! It was so nice to have an extra hour at home and not have to deal with Friday traffic either!

I grabbed dinner with my parents at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in town and then I came home and cleaned out my closet a little bit and then later that night I picked up two of my friends, Lauren & Rachel and we went out for ice cream and then just drove around and talked for a couple of hours. Since we all work during the weekdays, it was super nice to catch up with them! 

How was your past week?



  1. Hey! Could you write a blog post about tips for babysitting/ nannying? Thanks!

  2. Love catching up with you through these posts (even though I saw the "behind the scenes" of most of these haha!). So glad you love the dress!