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Healthy After School Snacks

Especially during the school year, snacking helps keep me & my mind energized and active. I love coming home from school and sitting down to eat a snack while I catch up on social media before starting homework. Although I am guilty of eating some not-so-healthy snacks, I do have some healthy go-to snacks, too.
||trail mix||
I love trail mix that has a variety of nuts, especially almonds and cashews. They are so filling and also really good for you! The ones that have little m&m's in them are also delicious as they allow you to have some chocolates in moderation!
||KIND bar||
I LOVE KIND bars! My favorite is the peanut butter dark chocolate. These are so easy to eat on the way to golf practice or throw in my golf bag to eat on the course.
||apples & peanut butter||
Hands down my all-time favorite after school snack. I love peeling & slicing the apple and then eating the slices with peanut butter! The peanut butter is a great source of protein and you can never go wrong with an apple!
What's your go-to after school snack?

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