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Don't Forget... {Packing Guide}

Packing can be stressful. The weather at your destination can be questionable, the trip may require formal attire, & you never want to be the one to over pack (although I'm very guilty of that myself). In my 16 years I've taken quite a few trips and know how stressful packing can be. But nothing is more stressful and frustrating than arriving at your destination and realizing you forgot something (also guilty of that, too). In the past few trips I've taken, I've seemed to be forgetting the same items. I've created a list of my most commonly forgotten items when packing in hopes that it will remind you of items to remember to pack, too. While this list is more tailored to warmer climates, most of the items apply to the majority of trips.


I can not tell you how many times I've forgotten to pack a simple, plain tube of chapstick. While I always have a handful of lipsticks & lip tints, I never have a normal, clear chapstick. Especially if you're going to be out in the sun, chapstick with SPF is definitely an essential.


If you're going to be out in the sun, chances are you might get sunburnt. In that case, aloe is a huge lifesaver. Even if you do forget to pack a bottle of aloe, the local grocery or pharmacy should have some but I've found that groceries & pharmacies on islands tend to sell them for a tad higher price. Not a big deal but if you're looking to save a few quarters, save yourself the hassle & don't forget to pack some aloe.


Pretty self-explanatory. Like I mentioned above, groceries and pharmacies on islands tend to sell this for a tad higher price.


This may not apply to everyone's personal style but I always like to pack a belt in case a pair of shorts are a little too big or a dress is too boxy and needs to be belted at the waist.


This might seem like a weird item to forget but I've forgotten to pack sunglasses way too many times so I figured I would add them to the list.

|swim suit|

You're probably thinking, "how does someone forget a swimsuit when they're going somewhere warm?" Well, it happens & trying to find a swimsuit that fits & isn't ridiculously expensive can be quite the challenge when you're in desperate need of one.

|hair brush|

When you're packing your toiletry bag, don't forget your hair brush. Even though it is a relatively large item, it's still easily forgotten.

|phone charger|

The last thing you want is to need to charge your phone & have forgotten your charging cord & odds are not many people will be willing to share theirs.


For me, personally, when I'm packing I get so caught up in packing my cutest outfits for dinner & my brightly colored bikinis that I sometimes forget to pack pajamas. Trust me, nobody wants to sleep in chinos & a linen top!

|rain jacket|

No matter where you're going, I would suggest packing a rain coat. While the forecast may appear to be clear, you never know when an afternoon or evening pop-up storm will roll through. Better to be safe then sorry.

|cheap, rubber flip flops|

Nobody wants to have to wear their nice sandals (aka Jacks) to the pool or beach and risk them getting stolen, water logged, or potentially ruined. Save yourself the heartbreak and pack a cheap pair of rubber flip flops. Old Navy has tons of colors for $2 a pair, that way if they get stolen or broken, you won't be out a ton of money.
What do you always forget to pack?




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