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Mother's Day Recap

Happy Sunday & more importantly Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there, especially my mom. I'd like to start by giving a huge thank you to my mom, Mama Prepster ;), for helping me with everything from taking my blog photos to helping decide which pair of earrings matches my outfits. Thank you Mom for everyone you do for me because this blog, or myself, wouldn't quite be the same without you!

That being said & in honor of Mother's Day, I'm going to be sharing all the photos I took today (because a lot were taken). From brunch to planting flowers to dessert, our day together was nothing short of amazing. I hope you had a wonderful day & have an even better week ahead! Enjoy!

The day started off with a delicious brunch with my mom, my brother, my grandma, and my grandpa. We all enjoyed plenty of fresh fruit & getting to spend time together. 
Following brunch we dropped my brother off at home as he had homework to do and mom & I headed to buy the flowers that we would plant. We spent quite an embarrassing amount of time walking up and down the aisles of flowers but we are very pleased with our selections.
We never miss an opportunity to snap a quick Instagram picture, especially if the flowers match my outfit :)
We even pose in front of the racks of flowers despite people staring at us and waiting for me to move so they can grab their flowers. 
Although the majority hasn't been planted yet (we are planting after dinner due to the heat this afternoon) we still managed to plant a few flowers so I could snap a few pictures for this post.

I headed over to Fresh Market to get some cupcakes for dessert tonight and shocker, shocker took another picture. In case anyone is wondering what we're having for dinner, mom decided on grilled salmon, scalloped potatoes, grilled pineapple, and knot-top rolls. As for our cupcake flavors, mom picked chocolate peanut butter, my younger brother Ryan picked black & white and I picked a triple chocolate!
Happy Mother's Day!

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