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10 Things I Would Never Travel Without

On Friday morning right after 2nd period I am off to Florida for spring break. However, before I can zip up my suitcase and through it in the car I have to make sure I have everything I'm going to need. Today I'm collaborating with Katie from Chic in Carolina to share 10 things that we would never travel without.
|headphones & Spotify|
Whether I'm driving or flying to my destination I always need to have my headphones with me so I can listen to my current Spotify playlists. 

This may seem like a no-brainer but I can't even count the number of times I've forgotten to bring a pair of sunglasses on a trip with me. 

|rain jacket|
Even if the forecast for my destination shows sun for the entire duration of my trip I always pack a rain jacket (preferably my monogrammed one!) in case there's ever a day when it storms but I still want to be out and about.

I always get so caught up in packing fun lipstick colors that I forget to pack a simply chapstick. Bonus points if it has SPF in it!

|aloe & lotion|
Especially if I'm heading someplace warm and know that I'm going to be out in the sun it's essential that I have aloe and lotion with me to help deal with any potential sunburns. 

I feel like this doesn't need much of an explanation.... ;)

|cameras & chargers|
Would I even be a blogger if I didn't take my camera with me? Vacations are always my favorite time to share outfit posts as I'm always exploring new places and discovering new photo ops.

Just because I'm on vacation doesn't mean I shouldn't track my steps! I wear my Fitbit everyday and it's almost second nature for me to wake up, put on my Fitbit and go on with my day. 

I love ballcaps. I have quite the collection and love that I can wear one while golfing, at the beach or throw one on before heading out to grab breakfast in the mornings. Ballcaps are an essential that I pack with me for every trip.

|lots of hair ties|
I tend to lose hair ties frequently so it's essential that I pack lots of them. I wear my hair up most days while lounging by the pool and when I golf so packing hair ties is something that I can never forget. 

Make sure to head on over and check out Katie's post!

What do you never travel without?



  1. Haha several of our 10 things are the same (great minds think alike?). I had so much fun collaborating with you, Riley!


  2. LOL--I am with you with all your traveling needs!

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