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Spring Break Recap

I'll keep this short as this post is FULL of photos. About 2 weeks ago my district had Spring Break so my family & I headed down to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina for a week with stops at University of South Carolina on the way down & Pinehurst Golf Club & Wake Forest University of the way home. Today I'm showing you guys all the photos I took while away! Enjoy!

We were actually able to get into Willams-Brice Stadium and take a few photos.

Ryan (younger brother) & I both really like USC and I am strongly considering it even though I'm only a sophomore. Ryan really likes it too & he's only in middle school! Oh well, better to start looking early then late, right?

Spotted: VV @ USC

We were fortunate enough to have a dock on the lagoon with our house so my brother & I spent most of our mornings chilling on the dock. Usually consisting of Ryan trying to fish & me taking tons of photos that never actually made it on Instagram. 

There's a bit of a story behind this one: One of my friends thinks my obsession with vineyard vines is a serious obsession so everyday I sent her a photo of me wearing some article of vineyard vine's clothing as a joke. This was day 2. We both shared a lot of laughs looking at my ridiculous daily photos.

Sadly, it rained most of the week so we only used the pool a few times. But man do I wish I had this backyard everyday.

insert heart-eyed emoji here

Our deck had these solar powered lanterns and for some odd reason they reminded me of Gatsby. Mom actually got this candid of me watching the little brother try to get a fishing rod untangled from a tree on our last night.

In love with these shorts. This photo doesn't quite do them the justice they deserve.

This was before we saw the sun so that explains why I am so pale.

No joke, this cookie was the size of my face.

Putt-Putt was taken very seriously as both Ryan & I are golfers and both extremely competitive. For the record, I would have one but I three-putted the first hole. Great start there Riley :/

My "look I actually don't look super pale but now I'm burnt & my hair is lighter" selfie that all my friends received after our first day of sun.

My delicious salad & pink lemonade I enjoyed before the UK game.

No caption is necessary for this photo :)

Jadelynn Brooke at my favorite store, Palmetto Moon. I made my parents drive me there on our last night at like 7:30 because they had yet to take me there and I wasn't leaving until I had been there.

This was vv photo day 7

Yeah, this happened... dogs on the greens

I hope you enjoyed this very, very long post and looking inside my Spring Break trip! Where did you go?

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