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Chilly College Football

Hi Everyone & Happy December!
On Saturday my two friends, Lauren & Anne, and I attended the Ohio State vs Michigan Game and it was a blast! Although it was chilly the stadium atmosphere and our win made up for the numb toes and red noses. But before we jump into the photos I just wanted to thank all my followers, readers and subscribers because not only did I hit 300 followers this morning but we also hit 1,000 page views! I'm looking forward to continuing sharing my photos with y'all as time continues!              





Lauren, Anne & I with the majority of the stadium on the field behind us. As you can probably tell, our seats were fantastic, they were super close and down low!
This is taken down lower basically at field level

Overall, it was a great game & a great day to be a buckeye and to top it off, Running Back Devonte Butler liked my instagram photo!
Thanks for reading and happy December to all y'all!

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