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Changing Things Up

Hi Everyone!

Tonight's post is going to be a little different then what I usually post but as you read by the title of this post, I'm changing things up {in a good way}.

2 weekends ago I woke up feeling really crumby. Sore throat, upset stomach, & a lazy attitude. I figured it was just a little bug that would pass by the start of the school week. I was wrong. Monday morning rolled around and I still felt crumby. I didn't have any symptoms but I just felt really crumby. I went to school and continued with my day as usual but I found my mind drifting off during class, my stomach was grumbling by 2nd period and I never felt fully awake.

I came home that Monday and decided I needed to change something because clearly something was messing with my lifestyle. I reevaluated my daily habits to try to figure out what was up. Was I getting enough sleep? Yes, I averaged 8-10 hours each night. Was I studying & keeping up academically? Absolutely. Was I eating healthy & getting enough exercise? Ding, ding, ding, I've found the problem.

Let's just say my eating & exercise habits weren't the greatest. I tended to eat little to nothing for breakfast, relied on Diet Coke for my energy, and all that Halloween candy laying around didn't help either. As for exercise, since golf season ended I wasn't being very active and it was taking a toll on my body.

But I've put my foot down and I'm making a change. My family has nicknamed this month, No Excuse November and I'm going to use that as my motivation to start changing my lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle. My goal is to get a workout or 30 minutes of exercise in every.single.day. I know it sounds like a big commitment but for me, that's a reasonable goal. And as for my eating habits, I'm cleaning up my diet. Here's my goals...

::no more soda::
it pains me to say this but I'm only going to allow myself to drink soda on the weekends. Carbonated beverages have such negative effects on your body that I'm limiting my consumption to at most 2 drinks per week & only on weekends.

::drink more water::
going along with my previous statement, I'm trying to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Not only does water help cleanse your digestive system but it helps cleanse your face! I've been loving water with lemon & lime slices right now and since I've cut soda and switched to water I've noticed that my complexion is SO much better, I have very few if any blemishes and I LOVE it! I'm so much more confident in my appearance and it saves me time in the morning not worrying about covering my face with products.

::30 minutes of exercise per day/workout daily::
whether I wake up early to walk the dog, or doing a circuit after school exercising clears my mind and leaves me ready to tackle whatever tasks I need to get done. Due to election day I had the day off so I woke up earlier then usual and put on my favorite workout clothes & tennis shoes and took my dog for a nice walk that I know not only she appreciated but I did too. It's so refreshing to wake-up with a walk in the crisp fall air and then go home to nice healthy breakfast.
::stay committed::
I've tried converting to healthier lifestyle before and it lasted for maybe 3 days before I just gave up, but this time I'm serious about making this change and to help keep my motivated I've rounded up some of my favorite motivational quotes from none other then Pinterest.

How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle? I'm all ears!
**please note that I am not a professional health worker and what I mentioned above is what is working for me and may not necessarily work for you. I am not saying you need to do anything mentioned above I am simply sharing my thoughts :)** 

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