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What Preppy Means to Me

Hello Everyone!
So as you may have noticed, I'm a new blog out there and this is my first post. As an introduction to my blog I decided to do the Preppy Girl Tag. This tag is more commonly done on YouTube but since I don't have a YouTube channel, I'm turning it into a blog tag.
If you are unfamiliar with tags, it's a series of questions regarding a certain topic. The purpose is to let your viewers get to know you and your blog better. So let's start the tag!

Question 1: What is your definition of "Preppy"?
To me, being "preppy" means a certain level of classiness and seeming overall put together. First thing that comes to mind when I hear the word "preppy" would have to be pearls and Lilly Pulitzer :)
Question 2: All Time Favorite Brand?
Lilly Pulitzer, hands down. My obsession began with an iPhone case I purchased a few summers ago and I actually just purchased a shirt and scarf from them today! Look for a Lilly Pulitzer post in the near future :)
Question 3: Favorite Lilly item? Favorite Pattern?
My favorite item would have to be my iPhone case which is in the pattern In The Gardens and my favorite print besides that would easily be Hold Your Horses.
Question 4: Jack Rogers or Sperry's?
Considering I don't own a pair of Jack Rogers I'm going to have to go with Sperry's. I do love my Sperry's though they're very comfortable. I have the angelfish style which reveals more of the foot and I'm asking for a pair that covers more of my feet for my birthday.
Question 5: Jeans or Khakis?
Jeans in the fall and winter, Khakis in the spring in summer. If I had to chose just one I'd go with khakis because I wear those the most because I'm a golfer and my golf team required khaki shorts.
Question 6: Opinion on Oxfords?
I think they're very cute. One of my idols, Taylor Swift, always has an adorable pair of oxfords and that's really the only the only time I've seen oxfords.
Question 7: Duck Boots, Riding Boots, or Hunters?
Riding Boots! I adore my Lauren Conrad brown riding boots so much that I'm purchasing a black pair as well! I do really want Hunters and LL Bean duck boots but I'll save that for my birthday list :)
Question 8: Navy or Black?
Question 9: Scale of 1-10, How much do you love J.Crew?
10! I own a pair of shorts from here and they are my go-to spring staple piece
Question 10: Favorite Ralph Lauren item?
I actually don't own anything from them, unless bath towels count :)
Question 11: Pearls or Bows?
Pearls! I own a pair of pearl earrings and I adore them. Although I don't wear them a lot I love they can instantly dress up an outfit.

Alright, that's it for the tag. And to whoever may be reading this I tag you! If you have a blog write a post with these tag questions. If you don't have a blog leave your responses in the comments below because I'd love to hear your answers. Be expecting a lot more posts coming soon but until then...
Stay Preppy
~Northern Prepster~

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