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A Peek at My Week

S U N D A Y 

Sunday morning I slept in until around 9am and then I got up and had to get ready for Christmas brunch with my family. We have brunch every year at The Faculty Club down on OSU's campus with my dad's side of the family. This year I wore a fun black velvet dress with plain black heels which I shared in Monday's post (click HERE to read). 

After we got home from brunch my mom and I quickly headed over to my favorite photo location to take pictures for Monday's blog post and then I came home and quickly changed into something comfier as my friend Edison was picking me up to head over to the mall to do a bit of shopping. 

I picked up a darling top from LOFT that was on sale for 50% off and I also had to stop by the Apple store to get an adaptor for my computer since I don't have a USB port on my laptop. I already had an adaptor but I left it at school by accident and since the adaptor is how I get photos from my camera to my laptop, I needed to pick one up. A bonus is that they aren't too expensive so I wasn't breaking the bank & it will be nice to have a spare one at home from now on.

After I got home from shopping with Edison I spent the rest of the night working on blog posts for this past week & watching Hallmark movies on the couch.

M O N D A Y 

On Monday I slept in until around 10am because I admittedly stayed up way too late watching Grey's Anatomy (oops). I had a pretty lazy morning as my parents were off running errands and Ryan was at school so I got up and made myself a cup of hot chocolate and watched another episode of Greys. 

Around 12:30 one of my good friends Brad picked me up and we went to lunch together which was super yummy and it was so nice to catch up with him. After Brad dropped me off at home I spent the rest of the afternoon watching more Greys (I'm addicted, I know) before heading down the street to babysit at 5. 

I got home from babysitting around 9pm and then ate some dinner and watched the 10pm Hallmark movie before heading up to bed around midnight. 

T U E S D A Y 

Tuesday morning I woke up around 8:30am and quickly got ready as I was going to do a bit of Christmas shopping with my mom and my grandma. We had to pick up a few things for Ryan and then we went over to the mall as Macy's was having a really big sale. I scored a new pair of black riding boots along with the Naked 3 eyeshadow palette and a couple of new pieces of jewelry. 

After we finished shopping we grabbed lunch at a restaurant nearby and then I quickly stopped home so I could remove my makeup and wash my face because I had a microdermabrasion appointment at 1pm. I started getting microderm done at the end of the summer per my dermatologist's suggestion & I love it! I get mini-microderms so the whole thing only takes 10 minutes so I'm in and out of the office super quickly. If y'all are curious to know more about microdermabrasion, let me know and I would be more than happy to share a post on that!

After my appointment, I stopped by home to pick up my mom as we needed to make a stop at Barnes & Noble to pick up a few books for Christmas gifts and then we picked Ryan up from the high school. It was so weird being back at my former high school and seeing some of the underclassmen that I'm friends with. When we got home I was so excited to find a package waiting for me on our porch! My sweet best friend Katie mailed me the cutest Christmas gifts which included Emily Ley's new book which I am so excited to read! 

After we got home I watched a bit of Netflix and also designed our family Christmas card. My parents had a dinner function to attend that night so I made Ryan & I pizza for dinner and then some chocolate chip cookies as a treat because Ryan was super busy studying for exams. 

W E D N E S D A Y 

Wednesday morning I slept in until around 9am and then quickly got ready to go next door to babysit my neighbors 18-month old for a couple hours. I babysat from 9:30 to 11:30 and then came home and made myself lunch and did a bit of behind-the-scenes work for the blog as well as watching some more Netflix. 

Later that night my mom and I made some Christmas cookies and then we ran to Target to pick up a few groceries. I spent the rest of the night watching Hallmark movies (what's new?).

T H U R S D A Y 

Thursday was a super busy day that began with me waking up at 7:15am to get ready to go volunteer at my former elementary school. I was SO excited to go to school to see all of my second graders (now third graders) that I worked with every Thursday during my senior year. I got to see almost all of my students during their lunch time and they all gave me big hugs and it made my heart oh so happy. 

After I finished up at school I had to quickly make my way over to my hair salon because I had a 12:45 appointment to get my hair trimmed and highlighted. I was there for almost 3 hours so I was pretty exhausted when I got home. 

I just hung out at home afterward before I had to get ready to go over to my friend's house for our Secret Santa gift exchange and our yearly dinner at her golf & country club. I included a bunch of photos below for y'all to see! My Secret Santa was my friend Rachel and she got me a bouquet of the prettiest fresh flowers and a Starbucks travel coffee mug which I was super excited about because I don't have one at school with me! I wore the same outfit that I shared in Monday's post which you can read HERE

I got home from dinner around 10pm and changed into my pajamas and just caught up on social media before going to bed around 11:30.


I woke up around 8:30am on Friday and quickly got ready as my mom and I were heading downtown to North Market to pick up a gift card for my Grandpa's Christmas gift and we also picked up some bubble teas for ourselves. 

After we left North Market we tried to go to this super aesthetically pleasing coffee shop that I've been dying to go to but the parking lot was packed and the line was out the door so we decided we would try to come back another day next week. We then has to stop by Marshalls to pick up a new cookie tray because one of ours mysteriously went missing (???) and then headed home.

I spent the afternoon planning out blog content for 2018 (get excited!) and then at 7pm I headed off to babysit. When I got home from babysitting I changed into my pajamas and headed up to bed but as you can already guess, I watched an episode of Greys before going to sleep. 

How was your past week?


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