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First Semester Recap

 M O V E - I N

My roommate Sophie & I both moved into our room a week early as we both went through sorority recruitment. Sophie & I met on South Carolina's class of 2021 Facebook and began talking for about a month before deciding to room together! Sophie is one of my best friends at USC and I'm so glad because it definitely made the transition easier. The night of move-in day after we had said our goodbyes to our parents was really, really hard for the both of us, lots of tears were shed but in a weird way, I think that brought us even closer together because we knew we had someone to talk to when we felt homesick. I'm from 8 hours away and Sophie is from 18 hours away so we don't have the option to go home on the weekends when we're feeling homesick so instead we turn to each other when we need a little pick-me-up. 


I've talked about it in a couple of posts but I did go through recruitment in August & recieved a bid from Delta Zeta! I'm so glad I went through rush because I've made so many friends within my own chapter but also within other chapters, too!


When Hurricane Irma was predicted to hit Columbia pretty hard & with Columbia being easily prone to flooding, USC cancelled class for the upcoming Monday (they cancelled class on the Friday before) so my suitemate Peyton was super sweet and let us go home with her to Asheville, North Carolina for the weekend. I had never been to Asheville before and it was fun to exlpore a new city and it was nice to have a weekend away from campus. While in Asheville we drove up the Blue Ridge Parkway and even hiked up Frying Pan Tower. The views were amazing but I'm terrified of heights and bieng on a metal tower up that high with wind definitely was not my favorite. Irma didn't hit Columbia as hard as predicted, we just got a lot of rain & some gusty winds but that was about it. 

F O O T B A L L  G A M E S

I wrote a whole post about Saturday's in South Carolina (click HERE to read) but coming from only attending Big Ten games growing up, my first season of SEC football surely did not disappoint. I attend every home game except for the Clemson game as that fell over Thanksgiving Break. We had our fair share of super hot football games and we also had one or two cold games, too. Overall South Carolina had a winning season & I'm excited to cheer them on in the Outback Bowl on New Year's Day!

B I G  L I T T L E

I talked a lot about Big Little in my sorority photo update (click HERE to read) but to summarize, I'm a twin little (my big took two littles) and it just so happened that my twin is also from Ohio. My big, Meghan & my twin, Lynn have made my transition to not only USC but also Delta Zeta so much easier and I adore them both!


My best friend Katie from Chic in Carolina came to visit me on her way home for Fall Break and it just so happened that the weekend she was coming I had a function for DZ that was themed "You Are What You Netflix" so of course, we dressed up as Blair & Serena from Gossip Girl. It was so fun to have Katie stay with me for two days and show her around my school & introduce her to my friends!


I was initiated into Delta Zeta in October and since my mom was a DZ when she was in college, she was able to take part in my initiation process which was so fun! I'm so appreciative that my mom made the drive down to visit and it was super nice to eat some food that didn't come from the dining hall, too!

F A L L  B R E A K

I wrote a Fall Break recap post (click HERE to read) but my roommate Sophie flew home to Ohio with me and it was so much fun getting to show off my hometown! It was definitely weird being home as this was my first time home since leaving for school but it was much needed!

R O A D T R I P S (PART 2)

I visited Katie at Clemson in early November and shared a recap post about our weekend (click HERE to read) and it was so much fun! It was nice to get away from campus for the weekend and get to meet some of her friends at Clemson as well as explore Greenville, South Carolina with her. 

S E M I - F O R M A L

Our semi formal was the weekend before Thanksgiving Break and even though I stood outside most of the night as a sober monitor & it was actually cold in South Carolina, it was still fun to get dressed up & take some fun pictures with some of my sisters!

S O D A  C I T Y

Soda City is an event that goes on every Saturday morning in downtown Columbia with a bunch of local vendors & yummy food lined up on Main Street. The weekend before the last week & exams Sophie and I pulled ourselves out of bed bright & early to head down to Soda City. The Columbia Christmas parade was going on this morning which was fun to watch, too. We grabbed breakfast at a cute local coffee shop before heading to Soda City. We walked up & down the street looking at all the food & vendors and then we found the little Soda City holiday ice rink and rented skates and had SO much fun laughing and skating around. When we finally left we found this parrot in the street and the guy that owned the parrot put it on our shoulders and let us take pictures with it!


Finals week is defintely not a fun thing to talk about but it marks the end of the semester so I figured I would touch on it. I only had two finals this semester, one of which was open note so I defintely had it easier than others. I had a huge history exam Wednesday morning and it was difficult for me to really focus while studying because I knew that once I finished that exam, I got to head to the airport to fly home. I ended up getting A's on both of my exams and as much as I enjoyed the classes I took this semester, I'm excited for the classes for Spring semester, too. 

R O O M M A T E  C H R I S T M A S 

Sophie and I got so tired of studying one night that we put on the most Christmas-y things we had (for me it was Christmas pajamas, for Soph it was an elf costume) and take a roommate Christmas card. The halls of our residence hall are painted red so we hung up the garland from our room in the hallway and snapped some fun photos.

How was your first semester?


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