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Saturday's in South Carolina

Having grown up in the shadows of The Ohio State University, up until I moved to Carolina, the only football I've ever experienced is Big Ten football. When I was looking at colleges, one thing I knew I wanted was an SEC school because I wanted to experience football Saturday's differently than I had growing up. 

Saturday's in South Carolina are definitely not like Saturday's back home in Ohio. Rather than throwing on jeans and an Ohio State t-shirt, I find myself wearing sundresses and Jack Rogers to football games which I know might not be for some people but for me, I love getting dressed up for game days. During the week you can almost always find me in running shorts and an oversized ΔΖ shirt so it's fun to get dressed up on the weekends. There is definitely no shortage of photos taken on game days and today I'm sharing some photos from game days from earlier in the season.

Have you ever been to an SEC football game?


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