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Fall Break

South Carolina's fall break was almost two weeks ago and I was so glad to have been able to go back home to Ohio for break & I was even more excited that my sweet roommate Sophie got to come back with me! Sophie had never been to Ohio before so I was super excited to show her own my hometown. 

Fall break ran from Thursday-Sunday with classes resuming Monday morning. My last class on Wednesday's ends at 12:50 and Sophie's end at 3:10 so we were able to book a 5:30 flight out of Columbia that afternoon. 


As soon as Sophie got back from class we called an Uber and headed to the airport which is about 8 miles from campus. 

Once we got through security we picked up some waters and just camped out at our gate until it was time to board. Columbia has a really small airport (there's like only 12 gates) so it was funny because the majority of people in the airport were students. 

Since there weren't any flights that go from Columbia to Columbus, Ohio, we connected through Charlotte, North Carolina. Once we landed in CLT we had just under an hour layover. We did have to change terminals but thankfully we were able to do so successfully (it was both our first times flying without parents so not going to lie, we were a little stressed). We each got soft pretzels from Auntie Anne's and ate them at our gate while we waited to board the next plane. 

Our flight left CLT around 7:30pm and we landed back home in Columbus around 9:15pm. Since Soph and I both only had carry on luggage and our backpacks, we didn't have to wait at baggage claim and we were able to head straight out to meet my mom and go home!

Once we got back to my house (which was super weird being there) I ran inside to see Callie and my younger brother Ryan. I definitely cried, I'll be honest haha. Soph and I were both pretty tired so we just hung out for a bit before heading upstairs to go to bed. 


On Thursday we had a super relaxed morning which was super nice to not have to worry about waking up in time to go to class. We then headed over to my old high school and took Ryan and two of my friends from the golf team out to lunch which was fun to be able to catch up with them. 

After we went to lunch I showed Sophie around my hometown and then we headed over to grab some smoothies from one of my favorite smoothie shops! We stopped back home briefly before getting back in the car to head over to my doctor's office because I had to get my flu shot.

After my flu shot appointment we stopped by my grandparents house to say hi and then went home and laid on the couch and caught up on the episode of Riverdale we missed the previous night because we were traveling.

Later that night we went out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants with my grandparents and my mom which was super yummy. Honestly, anything that doesn't come from the dining hall is super yummy to me. 

After dinner Soph and I wanted to bake some of those super cute Pillsbury Halloween cut-out sugar cookies (you know which ones I'm talking about!) so we stopped into the grocery store next to the restaurant. To our surprise, the only ones they had were the Christmas prints. Excuse me what? It wasn't even Halloween. 

Not determined to give up, we headed over to drop my mom off and then Sophie and I proceeded to go to S E V E N different grocery stores around my hometown looking for Halloween cookies but unfortunately we weren't successful and had to settle for reindeer and Christmas tree cookies.

After our cookie-hunting we came home and baked the cookies and then watch TV on the couch while eating them before heading up to bed. 


Friday morning I was up at 7:15am because I had an 8:00am microdermabrasion appointment at my dermatologists office. My skin was breaking out really badly at the time so I was willing to wake up early during my break to make an effort to try to improve it. Thankfully, as I sit here and write this post, my skin is much better (knock on wood!). 

Since my appointment only took 20 minutes and Soph was still asleep, I went through the Starbucks drive-thru and picked myself up a caramel macchiato because I had a free reward that I needed to redeem. 

Once I got home I took a shower and got ready for the day. Sophie and I stopped by my little cousins house to say hi and visit with them for a while since they had the day off from school. After that, we went to one of the malls near my town and did a bit of shopping before picking up my friend Garrett and heading over to grab some lunch near OSU's campus. 

After lunch we dropped Garrett off (he lives right down the street from me!) and Soph and I headed home were we changed into comfy clothes and laid on the couch and once again, watched TV. We ended up ordering pizzas for dinner that night which was nice to just be able to hang out around the house and not have to worry about getting dressed up. 

Later that night we picked up my friend Rachel and we went to grab ice cream from my favorite place. It was super nice to catch up with Rachel and I'm already counting down the days until we can hang out again and get some more ice cream!


Saturday was our last day in Ohio (*tears*) and surprisingly Soph and I woke up kind of early. It was super cold this morning so we hopped in the car in our pajamas and headed to the Starbucks drive-thru to grab some drinks before we went back home to get ready for the day.

This day was super fun because we headed down to the outlet malls that are about 45 minutes from my house. We definitely did some damage in TJ Maxx (we snagged the fuzzy pj cape things which we are both obsessed with!) and I also picked up a new pair of workout leggings and a cardigan. I also got one of J.Crew's black vests since USC's colors are garnet and black and the weather for football games has been getting a bit chillier.

After we finished shopping, we grabbed a quick lunch and then headed over to a local pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins! Ok, we mostly went for the cute pictures but we did each pick out a pumpkin, too! (Soph brought her pumpkin back to Carolina with us and is currently being used as our door stop, haha). I'm going to be sharing more photos from our trip to the pumpkin patch on Wednesday so be sure to check back for those!

After we got home from the pumpkin patch my dad drove us down through OSU's campus so Soph could see that and we also took her down the street that is the equivalent of our Greek Village! It was cool to be able to see how different the houses look compared to our houses here at Carolina. 

We also made a point to stop by Scioto Country Club to snap a quick picture because it was too pretty not to!

 similar striped shirt // vest // similar sweater

Later that night we went to my other favorite restaurant for dinner was was SO GOOD! Soph and I also took some pictures and since we both got a little bit dressed up, I figured I'd share them with you all!

 Sophie's outfit: similar sweater // jeans // similar booties

Once we got home from dinner, my mom was super cute and let us go trick-or-treating and fill up our bags with candy to take back to Carolina with us! After that we hung out for a bit before heading upstairs to pack up our stuff since we would be leaving early the next morning.


Sunday was the day we headed back to school which wasn't fun for me. Goodbyes are never easy and I definitely cried for a solid 10 minutes because I didn't want to leave my family and my dog but it's all good because I'll be home at the end of this month for Thanksgiving break!

Once we left home but before we got on the highway, we stopped by Starbucks to meet my Nana quickly to say hi and grab some much needed coffee. 

About and hour and half into our drive I knew we would be passing Ohio University which is where one of my best friends, Lauren, goes to school. I texted Lauren to tell her I would be driving by and she replied quickly with her current location so we made a super quick detour to go say hi to Lauren! It was so nice to see her again and was definitely a good way to take my mind off of leaving home again.

similar cardigan

The rest of the day was spent driving back to USC which was as exciting as an 8 hour car drive can be. We finally got back to school around 5:30pm and we spent the rest of the night unpacking and then I headed to be pretty early because I had an early class the next day.

I hope y'all enjoyed reading about my Fall Break!


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