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Your Guide to Savannah, Georgia

Hi friends, happy Monday! A few weekends ago I visited Savannah, Georgia with my sweet roommate Sophie. If you follow me on Instagram ( @northprepster) then you likely saw all my Instagram stories and posts from my brief 48 hours in the city. 

I had only been to Savannah once before but since I was in elementary school, I didn't really remember much about it. Y'all know how much I love Charleston, South Carolina but Savannah might have become my new favorite city. Don't get me wrong, I love Charleston but there was something about Savannah that I instantly fell in love with and I am already eagerly awaiting the next time I get to go back to this pretty city!

Although we were only in the city for two days, we still managed to do a lot of fun things and eat a bunch of yummy food and since I got a lot of DM's asking for me to share a travel guide, I decided to put it all together for y'all to use in case you ever find yourself in Savannah! A bonus is that this guide is college budget friendly so if you're a broke college student like I am, do not worry, I've got you covered!

I also made a fun little video from my trip to the city which you can watch over on my  YouTube channel. I had so much fun filming and editing this video and think I might have to start making some more videos because y'all really seem to enjoy them, too! 

Things to See & Do

"Rainbow Row" of Savannah
This is definitely a must-see street as there's three houses/apartments next to each other with blue, pink & green shutters. The whole thing is very aesthetically pleasing & since the street was a pretty quiet side street, there's a ton of potential photo opportunities! This colorful photo spot can be found by plugging 508 East Bryan Street into your GPS!

The Olde Pink House
The Olde Pink House is an old mansion that has a restaurant inside. While we didn't get a chance to eat here as it is more fine dining, we did make a point to stop by and snap a few photos because it's so stunning! It's also just a short 5 minute-ish walk from the Rainbow Row! The Olde Pink House is located at 23 Abercorn Street.

Wormsloe Historic Site
If you get the chance, I HIGHLY suggest you stop by Wormsloe Historic Site. While it is a bit outside of the city, it is SO worth it! The long driveway lined with all the gorgeous oak trees and Spanish moss is absolutely breathtaking, it looks like something straight out a Nicholas Sparks movie! I'm convinced it's impossible to take a bad photo here because it's so pretty! Wormsloe Historic Site is located at 7601 Skidaway Road. 

Places to Eat

Mirabelle Suites & Cafe
Located just across the street from St. John's Cathedral, this little cafe has a wide variety of Belgian waffles! I got a waffle topped with Nutella & fresh strawberries and wow. Not only is this place affordable, but if you get the chance to eat out front at one of the tables, you'll get to look across the street at St. John's Cathedral which is gorgeous! Aside from waffles, they also have a variety of coffee drinks to chose from, too! I will definitely be returning here next time I visit! Mirabelle Suites & Cafe is located at 313 Abercorn Street.

B. Matthew's Eatery
Soph & I grabbed brunch here on Easter Sunday and wow it was so good! This place was crowded so expect a bit of a wait if you go during peak times but trust me, the food is so worth it! It's also reasonably priced so you can #treatyoself without breaking the bank! B. Matthew's Eatery is also pretty close to the River so you can walk down there after your brunch and snap some fun pictures! B. Matthew's Eatery is located at 325 East Bay Street. 

What are you favorite places to visit in Savannah?


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