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Atlanta, Georgia

Hello Hello, happy Monday friends! Last weekend I got the chance to travel down to Atlanta, Georgia with my freshman year roommate, Sophie, and spend a little over 48 hours exploring the ATL. I had never been to Atlanta other than driving through it on my way to Florida or flying in and out of the airport, so I was excited to get to do some exploring. 

Sophie's older sister is a senior at Georgia Tech so we stayed with her Friday & Saturday night and got to have her as our personal tour guide all weekend long which was an added bonus. Atlanta is only a 3-hour drive from Columbia so we left after our classes ended at 10:30am on Friday and made it to Atlanta with enough time to grab dinner at this fun pizza place, followed by ice cream at Jeni's. 

On Saturday we were up bright & early (does 8:30 count as early?) and walked from Georgia Tech campus to The Atlanta Breakfast Club for breakfast. Sophie & I split an order of pancakes and thank goodness we did because they were G I A N T.

After breakfast, we walked across the street to the Georgia Aquarium and spent a couple of hours walking around the different exhibits. Not going to lie, definitely felt like I was on an elementary school field trip because I hadn't been to an aquarium in so long.

After spending a couple hours wandering around the Aquarium, we headed over to Krog Street Market and found a fun mural on the side of a building and took some fun photos and took a lap through the market. We then walked a portion of the Beltline before getting back in the car and heading over to Ponce City Market.

Ponce City Market was the one place I knew I wanted to visit in Atlanta so I was super excited to get to explore for a little bit. It was PACKED but that was expected for a sunny Saturday afternoon. We grabbed a quick snack inside (y'all, I had the yummiest pimento cheese and I'm still dreaming about it) and then walked another portion of the beltline because I had seen this cool wall art (the Paris on Ponce photo below!) on Instagram and wanted to take some photos in front of it, and we also found one of the tiny doors that are scattered throughout the city.

After leaving Ponce, we drove over to Gusto to snap a few quick photos with the avocado wings mural. After that, Sophie and I got our nails done and then grabbed dinner before heading back to watch The Breakfast Club and then went to be super early because we were exhausted from a full day of exploring the city.

Happy Monday, friends,


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  1. Sounds like you had a great time in Atlanta! I'm visiting Atlanta this summer and can't wait to explore the city myself!